Storefront construction progress

The owner, left, is helped by two guys on Saturday.

It’s fun to watch the construction of the two storefronts that are going up just across the street from the Hacienda. Previously, it was a weeded lot bordered on the sidewalk by a low, decaying adobe wall of ancient vintage.

Basically, it’s being built the same way the Hacienda was built 18 years ago, a construction method that, although quite common in Mexico, I had never seen before. The oddest part to me was how the roof gets up there. Wooden pallets are placed side by side at roof level, and they’re supported by posts that are usually former tree trunks.

Atop the pallets, rebar is crisscrossed. Threaded between the rebars are plumbing pipes and electrical conduits. Then a cement mixer — rarely the big truck, just a smaller, portable variety — mixes cement, and a bunch of guys, hired for the day, rush it up a makeshift ramp and spread it all over the roof, and then it’s smoothed out.

When we built the Hacienda, there was a vacant lot to our left, and now there’s the sex motel. Soon we’ll have commerce across the street. Change happens.

Today is election day. I have my voter ID in hand, and soon we’ll walk the couple of blocks to the polling station. Hint: We both will vote against any candidate associated with the Morena party of our doofus president. We’ve had lots of candidates murdered during this election cycle, but none of them has been Morena. Imagine that. Stay tuned.

Unfinished roof held up mostly by tree trunks.

10 thoughts on “Storefront construction progress

  1. There appears to be rebar poking out of the new floor, making me think there is going to be a second story. Correct? What I love to see built are those domed brick ceilings in a square room about 9 ft x 9 ft. Where each layer of brick curve slightly inward until the reach the peak in the center of the ceiling. When finished, it becomes stronger from the weight of the bricks above. I looked for one of those in your hacienda, but couldn’t find one.


    1. Phil: Those vertical rebars are coming up from the construction below. It’s fairly common to see that. They even shoot up from the brick wall around our property. I very much doubt there will be a second story. As for those brick domes, I too like that a lot, and if I had known about it when we built our house I might have added it. That style seems to be regional. I almost never have seen it in my area, but in the neighboring State of Jalisco I’ve seen it quite often.


  2. The domes mentioned in the comments are cúpulas which are a type of bóveda. Cúpulas are just one of many forms of bóvedas. Most people and even many albañiles confuse the terms.

    A true cúpula is espherical such as one half of a globe. The people that construct them are special masons called bovederos. The most skilled bovederos come from Los Altos de Jalisco and the state of Guanajuato. I am always in awe at the beauty of their work and their geometry skills.

    The roof material is not cement but concrete, a mixture of cement and aggregate. Cement is the adhesive that holds the aggregate (in this case sand and gravel and sometimes certain additives) together. The workers that pour the roofs are called coladores. Hasn’t your wife taught you anything? LOL

    Unsurprisingly, you are mistaken about no Morena candidates having been murdered. They have not been excempted from the violence. FYI I am not a Morena follower. Actually I am digusted with all parties and abstained from voting for the first time since 1997.


    1. Antonio: Thanks for the architectural details. It helps that you are an architect.

      From the news I have seen, a Morena candidate or two has been winged but not killed. Give me a name of one who’s been killed, por favor. You don’t vote? If smart people don’t vote, then the ignoramuses get to decide. That ain’t a good idea. Of course, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I think universal suffrage is a horrible idea. The fact that AMLO is our president, that Trudeau is the PM of Canada and that, well, Biden didn’t actually win, so I cannot cite him, but the other two demonstrate the problem with universal suffrage.


  3. I to like to watch the construction. It happens a lot faster than up north as long as the money holds out. If you don’t vote, it is your problem. Then politicians you don’t agree with get voted in. Being fed up is not an excuse for not voting.


  4. I will post this in español since you asked and speak the language. Here is one in your own state.

    “En Michoacán, en donde gobierna Silvano Aureoles, del PRD, El exlíder de las autodefensas en Michoacán y candidato por Morena a la presidencia municipal de Yurécuaro, Enrique Hernández Salcedo, fue asesinado el jueves 14 de mayo, al participar en un mitin.”


  5. A wealth of information on all fronts in this blog. Great construction details and daily local political updates. Just about covers it all.


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