The fat, brown baby

Those are supposed to be overalls on the kid. I think he’s a metrosexual.

My child bride continues her crochet artwork, and I’m here to brag about it. It’s a pastime she began last year due to putting her sidewalk pastry sales on hold. The sales resumed two weeks ago, and we have declared the pandemic officially kaput.

She crafts these things completely from scratch. We haven’t named this tyke, and we haven’t decided if he’s a soul brother or a brown-skinned Mexican, i.e. moreno. We’ll have to decide before naming him. LeRoy Jefferson or Carlos Delgado? We’ll likely leave it to his new owner who’ll be my sister-in-law, the local one.

I have loads of sisters-in-law, but only one lives here on the mountaintop.

About a month ago, we introduced you to Matilda, also known as the Buttcrack Baby. Here she sits on the scarlet sofa next to her new amigo.

The fat, brown baby also sports a buttcrack, but you can’t see it here.

Matilda clearly has a crush on the big brown boy.

4 thoughts on “The fat, brown baby

  1. I don’t know about being metrosexual, but they are very good. I do think she has a crush on the latest addition. Let us know when he gets named.


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