‘A fantasy world’

Everyone who’s paying attention these days knows that if you turn on a TV drama or go to the movie theater or open a magazine and see ads that the “couples” and “families” you encounter will be biracial far more often than not.* Does this reflect the real world? No way, José, and everyone knows it.

So why do the people who make movies and TV series and ads of all sorts do this? Because they are young or relatively so, ignorant and embrace political correctness, a mindset devoted to pushing multiculturalism and diversity. And that’s why you see so many interracial families in entertainment and commerce. The people who make that stuff want to train you by repetition to think that it’s normal or can be.

But it’s not, and it cannot be. Blame human nature. All those ads and movies will have minimal effect. Almost everyone will continue to prefer the company of people who look like them. Go to a university cafeteria, where you’d think everyone would be embracing diversity, and you’ll find the black students sitting there, the white students sitting over here, and the Asian students sitting on the other side.

Pushing diversity is boneheaded. Multicultural societies tend toward violence and mayhem. Look at today’s multicultural America, then look at unicultural Mexico.

Case proved.

In the video, the ever-perspicacious Simon Webb looks at the situation in England, which is little different than the U.S. scene these days. Interestingly, Mexican ads and sit-coms rarely, if ever, feature biracial, bogus couples. I doubt you’ll see them anywhere in Asia either. It’s almost exclusively an English-speaking, historically white-nation phenomenon.

By the way, does the couple in the screen shot of the video look even remotely believable? If you say yes, I have a sweet deal of a pyramid scheme for you. Trust me.

*This is virtually unknown in Mexico, which is a unicultural society. We don’t have racial conflicts here. We do have lots of conflicts, but they’re almost never racial.

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  1. “*This is virtually unknown in Mexico, which is a unicultural society. We don’t have racial conflicts here. We do have lots of conflicts, but they’re almost never racial.”

    My wife, my three grown children and their spouses and myself, all Mexicans by birth, all professionals, all find this statement to be absurd. And please don’t try to tell us we are ignorant about OUR own culture.


  2. Simon Webb makes his usual succinct points. I think about the changes in attitudes here NOB in my lifetime, and they are considerable. Did TV shows and movies have a lot to do with that. I think not. Most likely it was more the passage of time and events and the increased mixing of skin colors across society that encouraged the changes. I would like to time travel up to about 2085 for a chance to observe what happened once I left.


    1. Ricardo: What we are experiencing, I think, is a cultural collapse caused primarily by ignorance and stupidity. In the words of still-President Trump: It’s sad.

      That, of course, is a YUGE understatement, however.


  3. People trying to be the most woke, it’s a contest. Politicians like old Joe or truedope can then point at it and say, see, it’s working.


  4. If an alien were to watch Western Anglo entertainment (cable TV, Netfix, movies, etc.), read MSM or listen to our woke left politicians speak they would believe that a huge % of our relationships are mixed race and a huge % of the population is gay, bi, trans, polyamorous etc. (2SLGBTQQIA, whatever all that means). No wonder children are confused. Relentless social engineering by the left.


    1. Guillermo: How right you are. But “woke left”? I submit that you’re repeating yourself with a redundancy. There are no woke conservatives. Would make no sense.

      I did not get into the gay issue, the fact that all the pushing of nonexistent biracial marriages also includes the nonexistent fact that just about everyone knows a gay person or a gay couple with whom they are bosom buddies. I sidestepped it because one of my gay commenters here, a very smart guy, contends that gays are all over the place. I let him think that, and I dodge the point.


  5. Gays are all over the place in the world in which I live. My younger brother, my-91-year-old uncle, one of my wife’s brothers and one of her sisters. In big Catholic families you’re bound to have gay relatives. I studied architecture which has a reputation for attracting gay people. Many of my classmates were gay. And I know many others through work or social circles. Of course, growing up in Los Altos, they were usually in the closet, but these days it is easier for them to be themselves.


    1. Antonio: My sister and sole sibling decided she was gay about 40 years ago. She’s 80 now. My father’s only sister was gay too. They are both dead now, of course, my father and aunt. I don’t think my aunt, who was my favorite relative all my life though my maternal grandmother, who was not gay, offered lots of competition for that award of being favorite. With my sole sister being gay, and my sole aunt being gay, i.e. no offspring, my family is quite small. My sole daughter had no children either but not because she’s gay because she’s not. Just didn’t happen, and now she’s 56. So I have no grandchildren which saddens me.

      From what I have read, about 10 percent of the population is gay, they say. Is that accurate? Is there any way of actually knowing? I tend to think that figure is on the high side, but I could be mistaken. It happens. But if it is one person out of 10, could almost all families be bosom buddies with gay couples as Showbiz now wants us to believe? Nah.


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