Return to normal?

For months and months, access to our lovely plaza has been shut down by the municipal government for no good reason that I know of. Now and then, we’d be teased and it would open for a day or two, but then it would slam shut again. This was a Kung Flu measure, of course. I doubt anyone avoided the virus due to having to walk just outside the plaza instead of down the nice sidewalk.

Last Saturday we found it open when we drove downtown for my child bride’s resurrected weekly pastry sale. It seems to have been open ever since — I was there yesterday — which makes sense because the pandemic is, for all practical purposes, over.

But the Dancing Bears continue to wear useless facemasks, though I detect it may be a hair less common.

The two women passing near the end of the video are my child bride, in the black shirt, and her sister. Feel free to think of them as Mutt and Jeff. The two actual mutts following them belong to the sister. We don’t do dogs. But some dogs are nice.

My sister-in-law, a Dancing Bear, has a facemask dutifully and uselessly draped under her chin. My wife does not, but she does dance a mean salsa.

I was sitting on a concrete bench enjoying a lemon ice when I shot this video. I also took the following photos just for the heck of it because it was a lovely day. I framed them in wood for you. May the plaza remain open from now on. I pray so.

Same direction as the video.
And then the other direction.

6 thoughts on “Return to normal?

  1. It’s good to see that things are starting to get back to normal from the Kung Flu craziness up there. I also watched the other video of your wife showing off the doll she made, even down to the butt crack. Excellent.


    1. Kirk: The pandemic has about zeroed out everywhere, as pandemics do. Now the challenge is getting masks off people, and stopping the anti-bacterial gel, which does squat with viruses in the first place. Ah, the human race. Never ceases to amaze.


  2. We went to Tlatelolco today, but the archaeological site was closed. Despite it being outdoors, and CDMX in “Semáforo Verde.” When asked, the guard had no idea when it would open again, though he said they got a headfake last week: plans to open, but no opening after all. Meanwhile, the church, (indoors) was open, and we were also able to circumnavigate the archaeological site from the edges.

    This seems to be typical of government installations: still closed. Meanwhile, bars, restaurants, private museums (Frida Kahlo’s, which we saw yesterday), stores, etc. seem to have come to grips with covid. Something tells me that union members consider themselves especially vulnerable to covid and thus meriting special treatment.

    I can’t wait for the nonsense to stop.


    Kim G
    Roma Sur, CDMX
    Where life goes on as usual, albeit with a few extra masks.


    1. Kim: I’ve driven by Tlatelolco scads of times, but I’ve never stopped due to the traffic primarily. I’d like to visit, but now that I’ve sworn off visits to Mexico City, I doubt I’ll ever see it. Of course, that it’s still closed is irrational, as is much of what’s going on with this pandemic. Was that your first visit to Frida Kahlo’s home? Surely not. I imagine you went for your traveling companion.

      I can’t wait for the nonsense to end either. Enjoy your trip, however.

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  3. Nice video señor, ss usual. La Señora always spices up the pic.

    Nice little doggies as well. Yappie ?

    You could use some instruction in dog psychology, señor. Almost 100% of dogs are wonderful creatures. it’s their humans that are the problems. But there you go, it’s almost impossible to change humans.

    La Gringa here at our house had to give up the little tyke Baylan (inherited from her last husband), this the past month. Of course yours truly was blessed with the duties surrounding same.


    1. Ricardo: I guess I overstated. I do like dogs. I would have a dog right now were it not for two problems: They crap, and they can make road trips more complicated, but mostly that they crap. I wish they would use litter boxes like cats do. If I had a dog, it would be a standard poodle or a Boston terrier. Yeah, way different, I know.

      My sister-in-law’s two pooches — chihuahua named Jan and schnauzer named Guts, really — were both gifted to her by their previous owners who didn’t want them anymore. She’s had them for a number of years. Both are entirely undisciplined, which she ignores. They bark at everything and shit on the sidewalk as she sashays along. She’s had people holler at her to come back and clean up after her dogs. She mostly ignores them too. And she’s a chain smoker.

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