Masks, flags & words

Yes, it’s that time again, time to focus on leftist lunacy. First, we stress the political aspect, with Bill Maher, of the Kung Flu, and then there’s that New York Times editorial writer who is “disturbed” by seeing American flags. She is young, female and black,* so you know she was a diversity hire, i.e. affirmative action. I’m unfamiliar with the other NYT editorial writers, but you can count on their being cut from similar cloth.

If you get your “news” from the NYT or The Washington Post and their ilk, you are misinformed to a shocking degree. You need help.

Regular reading of The Unseen Moon is a good start. We’re here to assist.

A word about words

There’s lots of name-calling going on in these troubled times, and much of it is outdated. Indeed, many words now are misused, often intentionally for political purposes. The most obvious is that almost everyone mistakenly refers to leftists as “liberals” and “progressives,” which would be laughable aside from the dreadful effects of it. Leftists are masters of word twists. Conservatives are perilously lousy at it.

Leftists call conservatives “Nazis” and “fascists,” which we aren’t. But when conservatives refer to modern leftists as “Marxists,” there is little correct about that either. Did Marx opine on misgendering, sex-change surgeries, non-binary pronouns, biological men in women’s sports? Was Marx “offended” at this, that and the other? Was there a Marx Cancel Culture? Would Marx have tried to get someone fired for having a different opinion?

Did Marx self-loathe because he was white? (Watch the appalling video below.)

Would Marx have been on board with gay marriage? Did Marx oppose traditional marriage? The answer to all those questions is no. About the only thing Marxist about today’s left is big government and obligated income equality. The other stuff? Nah.

Modern leftists are much more than Marxists. They are far worse.

And Republicans are the liberals now.

*The most notable of those three characteristics is her youth. Editorial writers should possess wisdom and knowledge, something young people rarely have. Traditionally, editorial boards consist of older people with experience in the journalism trenches. They are not indoctrinated, diversity hires right out of Rutgers or NYU.

9 thoughts on “Masks, flags & words

  1. I agree a good start is to read The Unseen Moon. You can start being deprogramed, and leave your liberal views behind, and be much happier and more informed.

    The woman teaching that all white people are racist has the info at the bottom of the chart for her PayPal account. I guess if you send her money you might be a little less racist. But since you’re white you are still a racist.

    I’m thinking that some of us call people leftist if we think that they are way left of some more moderate liberals, say like people who make way more than the average person (politicians) and drive Teslas and wear designer clothes but think the government should fix your grandmother’s roof and turn down free money to help said grandmother.

    Even Bill is seeing the craziness of the liberals who think you still need to be masked all the time. Although he still has some crazy people on his show.


    1. Kirk: Now look at you, calling leftists “liberals” right there at the get-go. Now you stop that right now! There is only one liberalism, the traditional variety, classical liberalism. I am one. I bet you are too. We believe in free markets, capitalism, free speech, etc. The bogus “liberals” of today believe in none of that. They hijacked the term.

      Yes, I noticed the PayPal address on that gal’s blackboard in the bottom video. Incredible. More incredible were the white audience members who did not simply stand up and walk out on hearing that imbecility come from her.

      And yes, Maher often has leftists on his show, more often than not, in spite of his saying sensible things surprisingly often. Then he goes and says more leftist nonsense, ruining the otherwise positive vibes.


  2. Dear old Bill was one of my favorite stand-up comics years ago. Like him, I am a classical liberal at heart. Like you I detest the misuse of terms the leftists get away with.

    As to the last video, amazing human behavior. Just how do you explain these folks sitting there and listening to this crap. Well, probablythey want to keep their jobs. Noticed they were not all 20-somethings.

    Who are the supervisors/bosses who put this crap together and expect it to be swallowed?

    There simply is no excuse for accepting this behavior. Of course, I’m old and not that easy to get along with on my best day. Still, time to draw a line and kick these folks to the curb.

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    1. Ricardo: That almost everyone, and that means conservatives too, refers to today’s looney left as liberals and progressives is a daily assault on my mind.

      And, I’ve been asking myself how I would respond to having to sit in that ridiculous “class” with that absurd woman. Of course, they are doing it to not be fired. We live in a dreadful world now in many respects and it’s a great time to be in one’s twilight years and unemployed.

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  3. What that whale of a woman is teaching is basically Nazi racial theory — inbred superiority of some races over others. We need to resist this Nazi ideology in the strongest ways possible.

    And a good start is calling it what it is: Nazism.


    Kim G
    Mexico City, CDMX
    Which seems blessedly free of such hateful ideology.


    1. Kim: You are correct, of course. As for Mexico being free of most of the northern nonsense, it certainly is. It’s one of the blessings of monoculturalism and having most everyone in Mexico shades of the same color. And not wanting it any other way.


    2. Kim, P.S.: Did you say “whale of a woman”? Oh, my dear. Actually, what I found most astounding about her, aside from what was coming out of her mouth, was her decision to don a skin-tight dress.


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