Singapore is smart

When the Kung Flu was flung upon the world stage about March of last year, I was concerned. Everyone was concerned. It was being hyped almost as the Black Plague. Stay home, governments hollered via their pals in the news media, or you’ll die. My child bride and I obeyed and stayed home except for shopping.

I bet you did the same.

A couple of months later, I noticed the streets were not lined with corpses, plus I knew no one who had died or even caught the Kung Flu. Phooey with this, I told myself, and we went out and about, starting May 10, doing what we normally did, but often with masks, and maintaining that distance thing.

Time passed, and I paid attention to the news, not so much the mainstream (government) media, but other information sources that seemed more realistic and honest. I became less and less concerned about the Kung Flu. These days I wear no mask except to enter the occasional store where it’s required. I do not do “social distance.”

There is a Mexican government website that keeps track of Kung Flu cases in virtually every nook and cranny of Mexico. I’ve been watching it since last year. To date, about 1.65 percent of my town’s population has been infected in some way, which is to say over 98 percent of our 98,000 population has not caught Kung Flu. Of the minuscule proportion that has, almost all would have recovered at home in bed with Tylenol or something similar.

Comparatively small percentages exist almost everywhere, so this is not the Black Plague. The economic shutdowns were unnecessary, and the people most affected by them are the working class. Government officials, as everyone who’s paying attention knows, have gone about their business as usual. Salaries, exotic vacations and parties. Don’t know about this? I suggest you broaden your news-gathering scope.

Incredibly, one of the most ham-fisted government overreactions to the pandemic is Australia, and that’s going on to this day. Coincidentally, one of the best news organizations anywhere in the world is Sky News Australia. In the video above, the engaging Alan Jones reports on how Singapore is handling the pandemic now.

Even more details are available at The Straits Times. Singapore is smart.

The Political Plague

This is the first political pandemic in world history. What’s up with that? I have my suspicions. A recent Gallup Poll asked if people with no symptoms and otherwise healthy should remain at home or go out and live their lives normally. About 80 percent of Republicans in America said go out and live normally. Over 70 percent of Democrats said stay home, i.e. continue cowering in the closet. Incredible.

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  1. This is going to go on and on for a very long time, Some of the experts are already starting the lockdown warnings. New strains are happening and will continue just like the flu that mutates every year.

    When this all started I kept going to the gym until we had the lockdown lakeside. We had a local park that didn’t get locked up, so I started going there and have continued. We go dancing every week, and out with friends weekly, and have traveled to the coast several times this year and don’t plan on changing the way we live.

    I don’t think there will be many countries that will be brave enough to follow Singapore’s lead and confront this flu without going into the deep end, but I hold out hope. I’m with the 70 percent, 100 percent of the time.


  2. Alan Jones is, I’m sure, a cousin of mine. Well, so are you, señor, if we stretch the definition far enough. Incense should be burned at the mere mention of his name.

    My attitude about this panic is pretty much the same as yours. I caught the beast in November past. I’ve enjoyed at least two cases of the flu that were much worse in how they treated me.

    I am done with any genuflecting to the panic and will live as I please.

    Ya, basta indeed!


    1. Ricardo: That other Jones is very sharp. Quite a few folks on Sky News Australia are incredibly perceptive. And yes, the Kung Flu is a virus, and it makes people sick. On rare occasions it kills them, and the same can be said of other illnesses we humans encounter.

      This is more about overreaching government than it is about health.


  3. Los Angeles County recommends indoor masking, regardless if you’re vaccinated, for the new delta variant. These fools keep moving to my home state of Texas.


      1. Have we ever seen more faith in a less effective measure than masks? I don’t think they are useless, but folks seem to have a faith that is FAR in excess of any demonstrated, clinical benefit.

        And does anyone REALLY believe in social distancing? Just wait in enough lines and take an elevator or two, and the answer quickly appears to be a resounding “NO.”

        The idea that people are going to put up with this for another year is misguided, methinks.


        Kim G


        1. Kim: It’s gone on for way too long now, and it’s far more about government than it is about a virus. I daily thank the Gods that I live in Mexico where most of the rules are simply given lip service. And most of the rules are just copying what other nations are doing anyway. Our hearts are not in it.


          1. The only thing that makes any sense is the taking of temperatures before entering a public space. I’d also note that that’s one thing Mexico got right and the USA, oddly enough, skipped. Too much “asymptomatic transmission” propaganda for that, I suppose.

            But even the temperature thing is hardly fail-safe. Yesterday I managed to get into my local Sumesa with a fever of 38.5° C, a “failing grade.” Sadly, I had succumbed to some intestinal problem, likely of the food borne-variety. And many times the temperature has measured so low, that only a corpse would be colder.

            Anyway, I think folks are getting quite tired of all of this. Meanwhile reports of the dangers of bacteria-filled masks are starting to trickle into the more rational media.


            Kim G
            Where I have taken to refusing the spray-down with disinfectant. (Either you let me in without spraying, or I leave.) So far it’s working.


            1. Kim: The rampant temp-taking is not done up north? I did not know that.

              Spray-down with disinfectant? I’m guessing this is different that the gel squirt in the hand. I’ve encountered the spray-down here in my area just once since all this stupidity started. My dentist’s office. They’ve stopped it now, however.

              Don’t get me started on masks.

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              1. Yeah, there were some places in Puebla and Orizaba where they wanted you to either walk through some kind of mist arch, or be sprayed with a mist. Since only a few places were doing that, I put my foot down and won.

                Jeeze, what are they going to want next? Sheep dip? Not for me!

                Temperature taking isn’t even done in airports NOB. And during the swine flu scare in, what? 2009? 2010? The Mexicans were taking temperatures in the airport while the USA did nothing. So in my book, they get a few points for reasonable efforts, even if they are layered on top of ridiculousness.


    1. Dave: Well, of course. I heard a speech a few months ago from South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem. She stated that the extreme economic damage that’s been done was not caused by the virus. It was caused by government.


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