A July report

Looking along the Alamo Wall on this drizzly morning.


The Mexican mail system is famous for its pokiness, but today takes the cake. I did my biweekly run to the post office this morning to check my box, and there was a letter from Hearst pensions. It was dated back in January. I’ve had mail take a month or two on rare occasion but never six months. Stamped on the envelope was this message:

Missent to Malaysia.

Now that was quite a detour. I wish I could have gone along for the ride. But I don’t think Mexico did it. I think the Gringos were at fault. Mexico, Malaysia, it all looks the same to them.

Luckily, the Hearst envelope contained nothing of significance. But Social Security sends recipients who live outside the United States a yearly letter we must sign and return to prove we’re still alive.

The Social Security letter was not sent last year because of the Kung Flu. I imagine all those civil servants were at home, smiling, while their salaries were direct-deposited to their banks and they were out back grilling burgers on the barbie. So far the letter has not come this year either. It normally arrives in May or June.

Government employees must be loving the Kung Flu hysteria. Endless paid vacations. There’s a reason that governments almost everywhere are promoting Kung Flu. It’s manna from heaven.

If you work for the government.


An annual appearance.

We’re hard into the rainy season now. The grass is green, and flowers are blooming. This morning, as I raised the curtain in the bedroom, I spotted a black-vented oriole perched on a red-hot poker plant.

And the hummingbirds are happy. This yellow flower comes from a bulb that hides underground most of the year, but it pops up a blooming plant annually about now to greet the rainfall.

Another plus to the daily rains is that it fills the galvanized tub from a rooftop drainpipe, and I just have to dip the watering can in there, easy peasy, as they say. You get your little pleasures where you can.

The watering can delivers drinks to the potted plants that live beneath the roof of the downstairs terraza.

It was drizzling when I drove to the post office around 9 a.m., and I wondered if Abel the Deadpan Yardman would show up today for the weekly mowing. As I write this at almost 11, he’s a no-show, and it’s not drizzling anymore. If he doesn’t come today, he’ll come tomorrow. He’s quite reliable, and he likes money, as we all do.

The ever-full tub of summer with water for the terraza plants.

8 thoughts on “A July report

  1. The rain is turning everything green lakeside also, nice to see green mountainsides again. Weeds popping up everywhere, getting back to rain at night and sun during the day.

    Workers back in Alberta are able to go back to work in offices if they want to, but many don’t want to yet. If you don’t work in an office, you go back to work or stay on unemployment insurance. Oh, I forgot in Canada it’s called employment insurance. They don’t want people to feel bad when they get their check. The liberal insanity continues.

    Your updated site looks good.


    1. Kirk: I was doing some weeding a few days ago. Got muscle strain in my back. No fun being old.

      So it’s employment cash in Canada, not unemployment? That’s a hoot.

      As for the updated look here, thanks. Yes, I rather like it too, obviously.


  2. What is that in the background behind the cactus? It looks like a statute of a child shivering in the rain. I would call that yellow flower a Cala Lily, although I have only seen them in white, never yellow. Time for another update on the building across the street.


    1. Phil: That’s Señora Bones, a stone statue of a Catrina. Can’t make it out too well in that photo.

      I looked up that lily. It’s calla with double L, and it comes in various colors, I see. I don’t remember what we call those things down here, but they’re quite common.

      Funny you should ask about the building across the street. I was out there just this morning, and it occurred to me that I should do an update. The owner yesterday removed all the tree trunks and wood pallets, and progress continues. Stay tuned.


  3. I have a friend who works for Social Security, and he’s been as hard at work as ever. Though he did transition from working in an office to working from home. There were no special barbecue days for him or his office.

    That said, I could still tell you plenty of stories about how wasteful that organization is, but it’s nothing like what you wrote above. And much of it has nothing to do with the employees and everything about the System and what the government actually allows/encourages.

    Cheers and happy Independence Day!

    Kim G
    Mexico City
    Where the sun looks set to make a rare appearance today.


    1. Kim: Now don’t you go and try to toss cold water on my propaganda. It’s simply not permitted! Anyway, I wager your friend is out back with the barbie without letting you know.

      As for SS being wasteful, of course it is. And so is Medicare, and most government programs. And, of course, it has to do with the system, not individual grunt workers. I concede that.

      Yes, the sun is shining here too, and I’m anticipating the arrival of Abel the Deadpan Yardman to cut the grass at any moment now.


  4. Say, as you get rid of more and more of your grass, it’s time to start shopping for a cordless lawnmower, powered by li-on batteries. Then you won’t have to support Abel any more. I have a leaf blower with li-on batteries, and it is great. Charges last for weeks, and don’t slow down as they discharge.


    1. Phil: I just checked Amazon Mexico and a similar site named Mercado Libre. No such mower to be found. Maybe in the future. But I don’t mind hiring Abel, and he needs the cash. Thanks for the idea, however.


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