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This is not me in the photo. Just so you know.


When I lived in Houston, Texas, I worked evenings till about 1 a.m., and I would stay in bed the following morning till around 9. My wife would have already departed for her job, so I would be alone.

She would have scooped up The Wall Street Journal from our suburban lawn and left it inside for me. I would sit in the living room in a wing chair and read it. The previous night I would have read The Houston Chronicle because that’s where I worked.

I wish I still had access to The Wall Street Journal, but I don’t. No physical newspaper awaits me in the mornings because there is no home delivery. I don’t know if there is U.S.-style home delivery anywhere in Mexico. Or if it still exists above the Rio Bravo.

Now I get out of bed about 7 a.m., and I climb the stairs to the second floor, turn on the H-P All-in-One and read the news online. Mostly, I read these three in this order: Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and the New York Post. The last one is more for chuckles than anything.

On very rare occasion, I open The New York Times and The Washington Post if I am curious about the Democrat Party’s line of the day.

This morning, Breitbart tells me the University of Rhode Island has decided not to destroy World War II murals, that Marvel Comics has Captain America saying the American Dream is a lie, that Albuquerque social studies “recommended books” for students are all about “race and queerness,” and that Cori Bush says July 4 is only for white people because black Americans still aren’t free.

This, she says, from her office in the U.S. Congress.

I also learn a Black Lives Matter chapter in Utah deems the American flag a “symbol of hatred.”

I open The New York Times, and see nothing of this. I do read “why record-breaking overnight temperatures are so concerning” and that a 14-year-old has become the first black American to win the spelling bee and that world economic leaders are meeting to finalize a global tax agreement and that “the G.O.P. heads further into the abyss.”

The NYT also seems to think Joe Biden is actually the president instead of being a Deep State figurehead stooge with downward spiraling dementia. And that woman with the desired skin tone and genitalia waits in the warm-up box. She’s known, like a villain in a Batman story, as The Cackler.

I weep for the nation. As should we all.

9 thoughts on “The morning news

  1. You need to stay informed, and you have chosen three good info sources. The Cackler, that is a good one.

    Miss Bush says everyone is racist and all law enforcement should be fired. That would help the crime rate, I’m sure.


    1. Kirk: I rotate my news sources, and those three are currently up top. Yes, they are good. As for Cori Bush, I remain eternally shell-shocked these days at the caliber of some people who’ve been sent to Washington to represent their constituents. It reinforces my conviction that universal suffrage is a lousy idea, and getting lousier by the day.


  2. Do you really believe there is a Deep State or is this just another post like the one about missing letters in Spanish words?


    1. Antonio: It’s simply a term that refers to who’s really running the show in the United States. A shadow government. Trump was not a “member,” which explains to a great degree the ongoing hysteria against him during his presidency. He did not “play along.” It does exist though there is nothing official about it.


  3. I think you are misusing the term. If I understand you correctly, you mean he doesn’t belong to the “establishment.” And the establishment is definitely is not the Deep State.

    Several newspapers still home deliver in the ZMG.


    1. Antonio: There is more than one establishment, clearly. Trump, a billionaire and real estate mogul, is definitely a member of that type of establishment. He just is not a member of the government/political establishment that is running the nation right now.

      So, another report of home delivery for newspapers. Thanks. Once again, I did not know that. If only I knew more about Mexican culture!


    2. Antonio, P.S.: A recent, highly publicized (except on the Democrat-controlled mainstream media) example of Deep State evil was the discovery (via a whistleblower, if memory serves me) of the National Security Agency’s (a federal intelligence gatherer) spying on the wildly popular, conservative TV commentator Tucker Carlson. The NSA was snooping into his private emails. The NSA is a part of the Deep State, which is very real in the United States.

      The Deep State also stole the election from President Trump last year.


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