Stuff I’ve lost

Enjoying an espresso on the plaza after the dentist visit.


We were watching a television series last night on Netflix when someone started to dine on a TV dinner. It occurred to me that I’ve never seen a TV dinner south of the border, and I liked TV dinners. I know they’re not haute cuisine or a great bowl of Vietnamese pho, but I’m a simple fellow, and I liked TV dinners, past tense.

That got me to thinking. Just recently, I remembered those cinnamon rolls that come in a cardboard cylinder with a spiral seam, the things you whack against a counter edge to open. Bake and serve. I liked them too, and I’ve never seen them down where I am now.

I wonder what other cheap pleasures I’ve lost, things I’ve yet to notice, like those TV dinners last night.


At 4:30 today, I went to the dentist. I’m getting a new crown after a root canal. She’s a lady dentist whose office is just two blocks off the main downtown plaza. She shares space with two brothers who are also dentists, so you get three for the price of one at times.

She’s the oldest of the three, and one brother is named Fidel.

They have different specialties. It’s a very modern establishment with its own lab where they make whatever needs to be made so you look right. Though my dentist just turned 40, she looks about 25, and she has two kids. She’s named Torres. Doctora Torres to you.

Dr. Torres has a strange way of working. She does a little bit, then she schedules another visit. When you return for the next visit, she does a little bit more, then schedules another visit. So her work, which most dentists would do in two or three visits, can spread out for weeks. But it doesn’t cost more. It’s just her style. She’s meticulous.

Or something like that.

So, not surprisingly, my visit today was brief. When I left, it had been pouring rain, but it had stopped. I leaped across part of a river-filled street and aimed for the main plaza where I sat at a sidewalk table, ordered an espresso and watched people passing by. There were lots of folks for a Wednesday.

We must be in a vacation period. Every day is vacation for me.

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  1. I was visiting, with my dogs, our veterinarian of some 25 years yesterday. He was finishing his patients’ record of the day’s visit while I waited. He told me he would take another couple of minutes to finish and I said “no hurry on my accord.” He replied “every day is Saturday, huh?” I smiled my reply.

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  2. I loved TV dinners, and it didn’t matter whether they were Banquet, Swanson, Stouffers, or Weight Watchers. What was important was variety and portion control. And the wait, sometimes as long as 45 minutes in the oven. The microwave just didn’t do justice to them.

    The closest I’ve seen in Morelia were a Stouffers single-serving of a large fish stick with macaroni and cheese, which was expensive and bad.

    But you know what I really miss? Individual chicken or turkey pieces. You know, the kind with three chunks of protein, four diced carrots and two peas. Pure fat and salt, but filling and good. I wonder what they would taste like to our refined palates after two decades without.

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    1. Ms. Shoes: I remember no specifics about TV dinners, just that I liked them. I would like just one more for old times’ sake.

      I’m surprised you like TV dinners. Never would have thought that. That Stouffers you mention sounds kinda yucky.

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        1. Ms. Shoes: Well, I’ll be darned. There they are on the Chedraui website. I wonder if they are in the real store, however. We were in the fancy Cheudraui at Altozano two days ago. When I say I’ve never seen something in a supermarket, one must keep in mind that I am not a shopping dawdler. I have my list and I swoop through the store. This annoys my child bride who is like most women and wants to look at everything.

          Chemical rolls indeed.

          Bob’s my uncle? Who is this Bob?


  3. Well, señor, nobody can accuse you of being too political with this post.

    Never mind, I know someone who can. You know, cinnamon rolls and all.



  4. I never was a fan of TV dinners. I always made time to cook something. I have seen the Pillsbury rolls down here where the Gringos shop at lakeside.

    A good cappuccino and watch the world go by, a nice break in the afternoon and much less than five or six dollars up north.

    The salvation of mankind nicely put, inform the uninformed.


    1. Kirk: Obviously, if you look at TV dinners objectively, they leave lots to be desired, but still …

      Funny you should mention the coffee price. I was thinking of that as I sat there on the sidewalk. My espresso set me back the peso equivalent of about a buck, twenty five.

      As for the salvation of mankind, I think it’s just mostly white Western Civilization that needs saving. The Orient, Africa, Mideast and Latin America seem to be functioning normally. They are smarter than we are.


    1. Antonio: Your mind still works as it usually does. I had to delete that post because it was based on a YouTube video by the brilliant Brit Simon Webb in which he pointed out, quite correctly, that we pass through pandemics every now and then, people die, and a few years later almost everyone has forgotten about it. He also cited high death stats from some past pandemics as a point of comparison. But during past pandemics, the entire world did not go berserk with governments causing far more damage, primarily economic, than the pandemics did.

      This truth was too much for the heavy-handed censors of YouTube, so they deleted it.


  5. OK, so I inspected Chedraui Selecto Altozano’s frozen area. While there were PF Chang and some other Asianesque frozen entrees and Michelena brand penne con pollo in some kind of white sauce, no TV dinners. Strutting around, I did come up your Pillsbury chemical rolls and croissants near a butter area. Quickly, I whipped out my iPhone and photographed them, sending the photos to you of the product to make your search and your life easier. Because I care.


  6. I have seen that some places are not allowing false information to remain on their website. Makes sense the video is gone.


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