A stark contrast

Above you see a typical Trump rally. Below you see the CNN “Town Hall” staged by Biden’s handlers a few days ago in which the “president” stumbled and mumbled his way through the event.

When it ended, Kamala Harris tossed a sack over Biden’s head, steered him out the back door, heaved him into the limo where Hillary, Bill and Barack were waiting, drove him back to the White House and propped him up again behind the desk in the Oval Office with a bowl of warm porridge. And soon it was bedtime.

Are those empty seats?

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    1. John: Indeed so. And I have faith in you. I’ve seen polls that indicate that even many Democrats think the election was stolen. A minority, of course, but still …

      I imagine your news sources are the mainstream media where, I am sure, revealing videos of Joe trying to talk, mumbling, attempting to focus, are verboten, but they are quite available on Free Speech sites. You’ll come around one day because you are smart.


      1. Here’s a transcript of the above. I defy anyone to read this and claim there’s nothing wrong with Old Joe. I’d say he’s now the Leader of the Free-Word Association:

        And the question is whether or not we should be in a position where you uh are um, are, why can’t the the the the experts say that we know that this virus is in fact ah, um, uh, um it’s going to be, or excuse me, we we know why all the drugs approved are not temporarily approved but permanently approved.

        Makes “covfefe” look like Shakespeare.


        Kim G
        CDMX, Mexico
        Where even the average Gringo Spanish is more coherent.

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          1. Whatever happened with the 2020 election (and there’s plenty of suspicious things), it seems like we should all be able to agree that our current voting system is not up to the job. Here we are, nine months post-election, and audits haven’t been completed, evidence has been lost or destroyed, and automated systems are un-auditable. In what’s been a 50/50 nation since at least 1968 (with few exceptions; Reagan being one), we need a system that’s both more precise, and one that everyone feels is transparent and trustworthy. Frankly, every single election should be audited. Annual reports of publicly-listed companies are, why not elections? Surely they’re more important than corporate results.

            Even if the Democrats are right that the system worked fine, they aren’t really able to prove it. That’s a BIG, BIG problem for the legitimacy of our Democracy.

            And the fact that they spent 2017 complaining that the vote had been rigged, and 2018 that it would be rigged doesn’t exactly suggest that even they have faith in the system.


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            1. All the races were on one ballot. If the Dems would have rigged the vote, they would have rigged it all the way their way. Also, the accuser has the burden of proof, not the accused. So far, there is no proof that the voting was rigged. Republican election officials in swing counties who voted for Trump said that it was not.


              1. If the Dems would have rigged the vote, they would have rigged it all the way their way. That would be WAAAAYYY too obvious, so wouldn’t have happened in any case. So no, that’s not the way to rig an election.

                As for burden of proof, plenty of suspicious things have been clearly identified. Number one in that parade of suspicious things is the fact that election officials have fought any accountability tooth and nail, e.g., are fighting to prevent any proof from being discovered. Evidence has been lost or destroyed, windows were covered up during the vote counting process, etc., etc. So yes, the burden of proof is on the accusers, but if the process is so great, why have the accused gone to extraordinary lengths to prevent a clear accounting? You’d think that public officials who have run a clean election would be falling all over themselves to have the opportunity to prove it. But we see the exact opposite.

                Further, no one is accusing Microsoft of cooking the books, but they have to submit to an annual, independent audit of their financial statements, as does any public company. Why should we resist the same kind of scrutiny for elections?

                I’m not sure your argument holds any water at all. Are you in favor of opaque, unaccountable elections?


                1. Kim: My favorite example is the video footage of — I think it was Philadelphia — where, after running the GOP poll-watchers out, suitcases of ballots were pulled from beneath tables and counted. There are other examples equally blatant.

                  One does not encounter this stuff on the corrupt MSM, which is why so many folks wonder what all the fuss is about.


    1. Ms. Shoes: How sweet! That would be perfect for Joe. His real dog, if memory serves, after been sent away for bad humor, died recently. Can Joe be far behind?


  1. That is a photo that a woman from NPR put out. He couldn’t even fill up his circles with the chairs on the campaign trail. It looks a little less packed than a MAGA rally. That is for certain.

    Then he fumbles and mumbles through his answers, the leader of the Free World indeed. Well, at least, he didn’t whisper his answers this time.

    Well, with Jill in Tokyo, someone had to get him home.


    1. Kirk: As one of the commentators on Sky News Australia often says, it looks like elder abuse. He’s clearly just a puppet now, unclear on where he is or what he’s doing.


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