An Indian beast

As has been reported here in the past, my child bride crochets, and she does it very well, works of yarn art. Above is her latest creation. It’s one of those multiarmed elephant-like critters from Hindu myth, I think. A niece requested that she do it, so it will be gifted.

And below, posing on the scarlet sofa, is her previous concoction, the kid with the cholo haircut. We named him, but I forget what. Oh, well. To his side is Matilda, aka the Buttcrack Baby, whose day in the sun here, a video, dawned last May. Check that out.

4 thoughts on “An Indian beast

  1. Latest creation looks great. I also checked out the toasted bread, and there it was, just as you said. Never noticed it before.


    1. Kirk: Yep, she has quite a talent, and an abundance of patience.

      Yep again, that packaged toast is all over the place. You just had no reason to notice before.


  2. That cholo baby has blue eyes to go with its pale complexion. All real works of art!


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