Nadia and Simon

I watch YouTube a lot because it contains an incredible amount of interesting stuff, and included in that are excellent, smart people. I prefer short videos because I’ve developed a USA Today attitude, which is to say hop to it, and get to the point.

Above is New York Nadia whom I just recently discovered. She gets directly to the point, and her points are first-rate. In this video, she tells feminists not to be horses’ butts, but in nicer words.

And, as regulars here know, I am also a big fan of Simon Webb, a brilliant, English historian and author with a delightfully bushy, British mustache. I wish I could grow a Limey mustache like that, but I don’t have the upper lip for it.

Webb looks here at the sad situation in which the politically correct British government has allowed Speaker’s Corner in London, a place where anyone could speak his mind about anything, to be gagged so as not to offend the sensibilities of Mohammedans, whom the Brits have stupidly permitted to enter their once-peaceful nation in droves.

Speaker’s Corner has existed since the 19th century. Free speech reigned. Multiculturalism now reigns, and the most menacing new cultures determine what can be said, who can open his mouth. Simon’s not quite as succinct as Nadia. His videos usually last about six minutes compared to Nadia’s two or three.

In closing, here’s another of Nadia’s in which she takes to task Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot who is a black, race-obsessed lesbian in a biracial relationship, which is the PC Trifecta and therefore immune from criticism, but not to Nadia. Lightfoot is, of course, a Democrat mayor, one of the worst, which is saying something.

The leftist thugs who run YouTube regularly censor Simon Webb. I haven’t been following Nadia long enough to know if her pinpoint observations receive the same treatment.

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  1. You graciously introduced me to Mr. Webb. I now watch him regularly although the subject matter can be painful at times. I’m just about done with news and it hurts to hear how things have gone right down the drain.

    If I get a chance I will certainly check out that young lady you are recommending. I like my YouTube short and sweet as well. It’s become a fast food information world.

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    1. Marco: As always, I am here to serve. Actually, I don’t think Nadia is quite as young as she first appears.

      And yes, things have gone right down the drain. For that, I am glad I am in my Twilight Years. You are almost there too. Better hurry up.


  2. Thank you for introducing me to Nadia. As for Simon, always informative. Intolerance is always disgusting. Some are easily offended, but that is their problem, not mine.

    I too like to get to the point. The discussion may be long, but get to the point.


    1. Kirk: If you go to Nadia’s YouTube account, the homepage or whatever it’s called, and scroll down, she has a totally different account called Miami Tox. She appears there in a very different way. Interesting.

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  3. I heard lots of leftist types whining during the Trump years about “normalizing” this or that imagined sin of Trump. But now? Have we heard any peeps whatsoever about normalizing censorship? It’s terrifying. Take the case of Alex Berenson, covid-response critic extraordinaire. He’s been banned from Twitter for a week for the sin of pointing out that Pfizer’s own data, provided when they applied for the EUA for the covid vaccine, did not show any reduction in all-cause death. I’d highly recommend his substack:


    Kim G
    Roma Sur, CDMX
    Where you’re free to say anything you want as long as you can pronounce it.


    1. P.S. Places like Washington, DC, and Chicago are now finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of having created a massive response to covid, while ignoring gunshot deaths. The latter are now starting to overtake the former, and it’s time to bring up the topic of appropriate responses to all causes of death.


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