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Occasionally, I look at my daughter’s Facebook page. I did that today, and rolled my eyes at the mass of Kung Flu posts. She worries! Another Facebook page, a chat site that deals exclusively with my mountaintop town, also fixates on Kung Flu numbers. Worries!

It appears Mexico is having a sizable increase in cases due to that Delta variant, which is, I hope, the last variant we’ll see with this pandemic. Pandemics usually last one to two years, so we likely have to slog through a bit more of this, and the media-driven hysteria too.

Don’t discount the media-driven hysteria. It’s a fresh element to pandemics. The other fresh element is that it appears the Red Chinese developed the Kung Flu and then, accidentally or not, let it get away from them. Bio-warfare or big boo-boo? Lord knows.

I look at the hysteria, and I look at the facts, which are that the general survival rate is somewhere around 98 percent, but somewhat lower for old folks like me. Any virus will kill old folks faster than younger folks. And if you sum up the cases of any virus within a large population like a city, state, nation or globally, those numbers will get spooky.

Not just viruses. Cancers, heart attacks, traffic fatalities, murders, etc., if the population is large, the fatality figures will be hefty too.

But the numbers are meaningless without taking into consideration the population number in question:

In Mexico, the death toll now sits at around 246,000. Wow! That’s scary. But it’s about 0.19% of the population. Not so scary now, huh? In the United States, the death toll is about 635,000. YUGE number. The streets must be lined with corpses. But it’s, coincidentally, also about 0.19% of the U.S. population. The world death toll to date is about 4,334,000. That’s four million-plus. Good Lord!

But it’s about 0.055% of the global population.

It’s a question of perspective, little of which is mentioned by the media, just the fat-looking numbers.

In contrast, the Bubonic Plague of the 1300s wiped out about one-third of Europe’s population, 25 million people.


Here in Mexico — at least in my area but, I suspect, most of Mexico — the government mimics what the United States does. Stay home, wear masks, close your business, etc. We also have little rubber mats filled with bleach or something at the entrance to businesses. You know, to disinfect the soles of your shoes where viruses might hitch a ride.

Is that silliness done above the border?

I read a news story recently from Nuevo Leon which reported those rubber rugs do squat except get bleach on your shoes. I always step around them. Nobody cares.

And my very favorite: bottles of antibacterial gel everywhere. Of course, something antibacterial has squat to do with a virus. It’s like swallowing an antibiotic for a cold. Does not work.

Masks, gels, rubber mats, social distancing. The government mandates them, but people mostly do as they please, and nothing happens to them with some rare exceptions. The big plaza downtown has huge signs warning that you’ll be arrested if you don’t wear a mask. Yet some people don’t, me included, and I’ve seen no arrests.

It’s theater. I see cops with no masks.

The masks are a joke. They do next to nothing. Viruses are microscopic. The cloth and paper masks most people wear offer next to no protection. Viruses can enter through your eyes. There are masks that protect against viruses. That’s one in the photo, a hazmat mask.

Not available at the corner drugstore.

Back to stats now: Sky-high survival rate. Ninety percent of cases get resolved at home in bed with Tylenol. Of the 10 percent who end up in the hospital, most do not die.

Most of our Kung Flu rules come not from the federal government, but from state and municipal officials who are going through the motions.

Local governments report things like the town hospital is at 90% capacity in the covid ward! What always is missing is that the ward has, say, only 10 beds allocated to covid, and nine are occupied. And those covid wards are never full. They are saturated!


I’ve known a number of people who’ve had the Kung Flu, actual cases, not asymptomatic ones discovered by a test, an issue for another day. Friends, acquaintances and relatives. They got sick, they recovered. Just two were hospitalized due, I imagine, to being old and fat. But they did not die. And neither will you.

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  1. There are so many facts out there. In British Columbia, Canada, there have have been more deaths from overdoses than the Kung Flu. They are on line to surpass last year’s numbers of overdoses, but the big problem is the flu and getting flu shots.

    I’m having trouble believing anything the experts are telling people. Wear anything on your face, and everything will be just great. I’m not a scientist, but I can’t see that doing much.

    People I know are getting their numbers checked to see how well the flu shot is protecting them. Second shot two months ago and already looking for a third. They are worried again. It never ends.


    1. Kirk: The media and the politicizing have made the pandemic unreliable. It’s hard to know what to believe. But, as all pandemics do, it will pass. I hope the next one, and there will be a next one in a few years, will be less political, less hysterical.


  2. I’ve known several folks, including me, who have had the Kung Flu. My case was last November, and it wasn’t too bad, have had flu that felt a lot worse. I’ve known several old folks who spent some time in the hospital with the virus. The vast majority survived with none to minimal issues.

    However, we have a couple who are close friends. Their son, age 43, got the virus at the same time as his wife and his sister. The women had mild cases. He developed breathing problems and was in and out of ICU. Ultimately, he had a heart attack while in the hospital and died. He had no known health issues.

    Another couple close to us has a son who is a PA. He caught the virus and has developed blood clot issues in the lungs. Outcome not yet decided, although he appears to be recovering at home.

    When it hits close to home the tragedy is multiplied. Does any of this call for the measures we see our governments using. I doubt it. Of course I grew up when polio was the big fear.


    1. Ricardo: Yes, I recall your light case of this. As for the death you mention, of course, this thing can turn bad. I wouldn’t say otherwise. Usually, it does not, and the government interference is excessive and unnecessary, causing much avoidable suffering.


  3. Of course the figures and statistics you cite are the result of the measures having been taken to prevent the virus’ spread. What would they be if there hadn’t been any taken? How many more cases and how many more dead?

    Some people tried to compare it to seasonal influenza, but it is more than 10 times more lethal. There are people dying that would easily survive a bout of seasonal flu, normally healthy people with no preexisting health issues. I now know at least 10 people who have died from covid and none that I can recall from influenza.

    And your claim that anti-bacterial gel does nothing is absolute rubbish. Because a product is labeled anti-bacterial does not mean it doesn’t eliminate viruses. That is such nonsense.

    The same goes for masks. You are going to believe what you choose, but wherever and from whoever you get your information is quite ignorant.

    Now I will wait for your usual rebuttal that I have been duped by the mainstream media (whoever that may be) and your sources are, of course, the only true and accurate sources. It will provide the usual chuckle and head shake it normally does.


    1. Antonio: Spoken like a true man of the left, which reflects, yet again, the political nature of this pandemic. As for the measures working to keep the numbers down, how about those jurisdictions that left the decisions in the hands of the people? Sweden, for example. Their figures are not significantly different than those nations that have taken a ham-fisted approach to the pandemic. Also, in the United States, the state of South Dakota, Florida, and a couple of others. Covid numbers are not that different than places like California and New York, the Democrat Party despotisms. Whoops! Politics again. As for your knowing 10 people who died from the coronavirus, did they die from it, or simply with it? Big difference, but all are counted as covid deaths. Seems that one can even have the virus without knowing it. Not just this virus, but viruses in general. Also, given the mortality rate, I seriously doubt you know 10 people who died from the Kung Flu. I believe you believe it, however.

      Antibacterial gel fights bacteria, not viruses, which are totally different things. The bottles never claimed to affect viruses till the Kung Flu money-maker came on the scene. Some companies then stuck something like “Viruses too!” on the bottles. Bald-faced false marketing.

      The masks everyone is sporting are mostly useless. Theatrics. And plenty of doctors and health organizations back me up on that.

      You have been duped by the mainstream media!


  4. Usual nonsensical reply from someone way to the right. You throw things out there with nothing to support your opinions. Just attacking others. Attacking their sources. What are your sources? Where does your information come from? Any empirical data to support your opinions? Here is a bit of something to support mine.

    But no more discussion on my part. One thing my far-right father taught his children was not to argue with ignorance.


    Alcohol solutions and WHO alcohol-based liquid sanitizer formulations have demonstrated efficacy against the COVID-19 associated SARS-CoV-2 virus in previous publications.

    Two formulated alcohol-based hand sanitizers, a gel and a foam each containing 70% ethanol, yielded complete reduction of SARS-CoV-2, with >3 log10 reductions, in suspension testing with a 30-second contact time.


    1. Antonio: I’ll concede that it’s possible — possible! — that gels do some good. Citing WHO, however, weakens your case. Whom will you cite next? Dr. Fauci? CNN?

      As for “attacking others,” I never attack anyone. I cite my opinions in a calm manner, and let it go at that. If I have a main hallmark, it is tranquility.

      As for sources regarding masks, they are readily available online. Here is one a friend sent this morning. I think you’ll have to open a free account to read it. Just takes a moment or two.


      As for my being “way to the right.” Guilty as charged! It reflects my good grasp of history and human nature plus a high level of intelligence.


  5. I didn’t cite the WHO. I quoted an independent study on the effectiveness of sanitizers recommended by the WHO. This shows the flaws in the way you view just about everything. Absolute absence of objectivity.


    1. Antonio: Citing a recommendation of the WHO is kinda citing the WHO. Did you know the WHO is in the pocket of Red China?

      Now go take a tranquilizer and take a nap. That’s my recommendation. I imagine the WHO would back me up on this.


  6. Hand sanitizer with high levels of alcohol do work for viruses. Many that are being sold and used have no alcohol and, as such, are as much use as cloth masks.


  7. I just added additional information to the post that offers additional perspective. The Bubonic Plague of the Middle Ages killed about one-third of Europe’s population, 25 million people. Now that was something to be afraid of. Contrast 33% with 0.19%.


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