Five minutes of good cheer

Sky News Australia never ceases to inform and entertain, especially the delightful Rita Panahi. And there’s the stupidity of Hunter Biden.

Plus, Hunter’s daddy, the daffy, old man drooling in the Oval Office. What an administration! Afghanistan returned to the fanatical Taliban, something Trump had well in hand with minimal troops and cash. Trump also had ISIS virtually eliminated in his first year. We’ll soon see how the Biden Team lets them regroup.

Trump had the southern U.S. border quiet and calm. Adiós to that! Mobs pouring in. Gas prices up, inflation in general. No more energy independence. America is back on the tit of foreign oil.

With Trump in Mar-A-Lago, America is being run like Portland, Chicago, New York City and the entire State of California. Democrats rule!

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  1. Let’s not forget, crime is off the charts in virtually every major city that dimwitocrats have a role in. Not simply property crime (equity), but violent crime as well. Seems the new minority group (white males) are a favorite target and considered open game for the justice warriors, the legacy media, and the mobs…
    Living the dream.


      1. We are in full-blown Loony Tunes level. The murders in the major cities are off the charts. And holding those accountable simply doesn’t occur.
        The blonde is knee deep in Kool-Aid. She is convinced this is simply the pendulum swinging the other way. 🙄
        Makes for some lively conversation from time to time. 🤩


          1. If I go there, the tears cascade like a waterfall after a heavy rain.
            We have rules for survival, including never discussing politics. 😳
            And, you know how I loathe discussing politics. 😅

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  2. People on the left talked about how embarrassing Trump was, largely based on media hallucinations and fabrications. Well, after the disastrous Afghan exit, where we gave the Taliban all the best weapons money could buy, and truly screwed our allies, allies who were so desperate to leave that they were clinging to jets as they took off, and after we left Afghanistan open for terrorist business, after all that I never felt so ashamed to be an American. Biden is beyond embarrassing.

    Yes, we needed to leave. No, it was not done well at all. The retreat from Vietnam looks like a victory by comparison. And apparently Biden ignored all his advisors.

    In a mere 8 months, Biden has managed to make America look INCREDIBLY weak. From giving Putin a list of companies he’d like Putin’s cyberwarriors not to hack, to begging OPEC to produce more oil (after he killed Keystone, and stopped fracking), to opening the border to God-knows-who, unleashing covid-stricken hordes into an otherwise recovering America, Biden has done more to hurt America than Xi Jin Ping and Putin together could ever dream of accomplishing.

    I truly dread what the next three years will bring. At least this makes a Republican midterm sweep seem pretty likely. Let’s hope Biden’s next 15 months aren’t as disastrous as the last 8.


    Kim G
    Roma Sur, CDMX
    Where I dread anyone asking me about this.


    1. Kim: Sleepy Joe is the president in name only. He is not running the executive branch. The man can hardly mouth a coherent sentence. He’s just a front man, a ventriloquist’s dummy. For who? The Democrat Party machine that orchestrated the election fraud, and is now running the White House in a stupendously incompetent manner.

      Biden sleeps till noon, usually has one innocuous appointment daily, and now he’s on extended vacation. Biden is not the problem.


      1. Felipe: I’m not entirely sure about your take on Biden. Apparently he went against the advice of all of his advisors on the Afghanistan pullout. Remember, both parties are full of globalist neocons. I’m not sure the Dem establishment particularly wanted to be out of Afghanistan, certainly not in the way that it happened.

        While Shapiro is way more hawkish than I am, you should listen to the last couple of episodes of The Ben Shapiro Show (available on YouTube) to hear some of the details about just how F-ed up the exit was, and how it leaves America strategically vulnerable in a key part of the world. We are now, literally, less able to fight terrorism in Afghanistan than we are in Sudan. Further, Chinese are going to swoop in and take Afghanistan’s minerals, rare earths and such. And apparently the Taliban don’t care (oddly enough) that the Chinese are running the world’s largest Muslim extermination program. Also, I’d not be surprised at all if the Chinese turn a blind eye to anti-USA terrorist activities there. You really think the Dem establishment wanted all this? I frankly doubt it. Even the New York Times is slamming them, and Blinken has a “deer-in-the-headlights” look about him when questioned.

        Biden was never the brightest bulb in the Democrat party, which is putting it kindly. Now he’s just barely enough “there” to be truly dangerous.

        If he really were a puppet, run by the Dem establishment this wouldn’t have happened, in my view.

        So buckle up. There’s going to be some scary years ahead.


        Kim G


        1. Kim, P.S.: Apparently, the White House customarily releases the president’s daily schedule to the press. Trump’s, of course, was always packed. Biden’s normally has one event a day, and it’s something like a meet-and-greet with the Topeka Ladies Society visiting The White House from, well, Topeka. More than that, he usually does next to nothing.

          Plus, he’s moderately senile. So I stick with my opinion that he is not calling the shots. Doesn’t really matter who’s calling the shots, however, because the shots are disastrous ones.


          1. I agree the schedule is a disaster, but apparently that’s all he can manage. Still given what I wrote above, I can’t believe the Democrat hierarchy is making such horrendous decisions, at least not the ones that resulted in the Afghanistan debacle.

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  3. P.S. Have you listened to Ben Shapiro on this? He’s in particularly high dudgeon. I don’t entirely agree with him, but he’s without a doubt one of the smartest guys in the room, and well worth listening to.

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