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  1. Wonder why these concepts are not currently taught at the elementary levels (and beyond) in our public schools? Perhaps they are not taught at home?

    Another reason to be fluent in the classics from the past.

    So that we create classics in our future


  2. So many people leave it to others to tell them what they should do next, as they are unsure or afraid to take a chance. If you tell people over and over that someone else should decide how you should live because they know better and are so much smarter, you are doomed to a life of fear.
    The Kung Flu is a good example. Some governments are telling you not to talk to your neighbors for fear you could get the flu, calling the flu shot a vaccine when it is a flu shot. Vaccines are supposed to be a cure not just some maybe, could-be protection.

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  3. “Safetyism” is one of the great plagues of our time, driven by the twin illusions that all danger can be eliminated, and that even attempting it would be a net-positive exercise.

    As a trained economist, I can assure you that the law of diminishing returns continues in full force and applies to every human endeavor without exception, even the endeavor of saving human lives. There is perhaps no clearer example of this than things like the antipodean (Australia and New Zealand) attempts to drive covid to zero. They have lost all sight of the costs of their policies, and as a result are busy impoverishing their economies, and forcing their citizens to live in a medical gulag.

    In the USA, (though not exclusively), special-interest groups grasp onto safetyism in order to extract rents (super-normal profits) from the populace. Where in the country can you simply just decide to cut hair without first obtaining a government license? Have we banished bad haircuts? No!!! And even in supposedly “serious” trades, these regulations hardly do the job, yet impose significant costs. The last plumber I hired in Boston left a trail of leaky pipes in his wake.

    Yet this safetyism will continue. Why? Because it preys on fear, which is the single most persuasive emotion. If someone can scare you, they can persuade you, and that’s why this problem is only going to get worse.

    So sad.

    Kim G
    Roma Sur, Mexico City
    Where safetyism is a small patch of weeds compared to the uncontrolled jungle N.O.B. Thank God!

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    1. Kim: Well put, as usual. America and points north (That would be Canada), are careening into a hole quite rapidly. Who would have imagined this even a decade ago? Not me. And yes, the Australian and New Zealand approach to the Kung Flu is beyond absurd. Who woulda thunk it? They always appeared to be reasonable people. Most still are, I wager, but not the ones in government.

      I favor the Mexican approach. We talk the talk, but we do not walk the walk. Life mostly continues as ever.

      As I’ve mentioned many times, and will continue to do so, it’s a good time to be in one’s twilight years.

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