Journalistic corruption

The good old days. I wonder who Ingray was.


Of the four newspapers that employed me during my checkered, 30-year career, two are defunct,* and the two remainders are not doing well. I am referring to the Houston Chronicle and The Times-Picayune. The latter, a New Orleans publication, has teamed up with the Baton Rouge paper to cut costs and hang on.

Both the Houston and New Orleans newspapers were powerhouses, especially the Chronicle which was in the top 10 circulation-wise in the nation. Nearly everyone who worked there voted Democrat, including me, but the papers remained almost entirely nonpartisan which is how genuine journalism functions.

That has changed, but not just at those two newspapers. Almost the entire news media have become partisan, pushing the Democrat Party line. All conservatives know this, and some Democrats do too.

Two glaring examples appeared over the past few days. I am sure there are many more, but my two previous workplaces have done this to support their party in Washington D.C.:

They are ignoring completely the Afghanistan disaster caused by the Democrat Cabal in the White House.

Neither has anything about the situation on its website. Nothing! It is astounding.

Their coverage demonstrates two things: One is slavish White House support. Two is how trivial our minds have become. What are those two papers publishing? Sports, entertainment, dining, street construction and covid, covid, covid. Most of it is pure blather.

Speaking of publishing powerhouses, and to their credit, The New York Times and The Washington Post are reporting Biden’s Afghanistan mess very well. I know it must pain them. Good.


*The New Orleans States-Item and The San Juan Star.

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  1. This Afghanistan “mess” was inevitable. We should not have been there, just like Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, Grenada, and many other such actions. Trump started the ball rolling in the right direction, ending this fiasco. Biden, to his credit, followed through. Biden is taking the heat from our so-called allies. They are upset because the end of this fiasco will wash onto their shores. NO ONE has our best interests at heart, least of all our NATO allies.

    I read The Wall Street Journal every day. Every day there are at least five stories on this “Afghanistan Mess” and, of course, the inevitable dialog of Biden’s mishandling of this fiasco. The can has been kicked down 20 years and landed squarely on Biden’s foot, leaving his shoes covered in worms and rot.

    “Old men argue, and young men die.”


    1. Nomad: You sound like an old-school isolationist! And one can make an argument for that, though less so, I think, in these modern times when the globe has become smaller and more interconnected. The problem with the Afghanistan situation is not so much that the Biden Administration (I hesitate to say Biden because I don’t think he’s doing much personally. It’s his people.) left Afghanistan but the chaotic, unplanned, absurd manner in which it was done. It was done completely wrong. Mindbogglingly incompetent.

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  2. Is there a single American institution which hasn’t utterly discredited itself over the last half-dozen years or so? Even one?

    The American Nero is simply the punctuation mark on a long sentence of decline.


    Kim G
    Roma Sur, CDMX
    Where the tattered remains of Hurricane Grace are dropping gentle rains as I type.

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  3. So many people are lamenting about the loss of our innocence, yearning for the good old days. In the 1950s all anyone seems to remember is families being together, baseball games, honor, idyllic childhoods and maybe a few bad memories of nukes and hiding under desks. No one seems to equate this time with high crime, minorities tortured and humiliated. No one seems to remember the vets who came back with such trauma from WWII that many were self-medicating with alcohol and some were abusing their families, particularly women. These “institutions” were locked in secrecy. They haven’t changed. Everyone now just has more access to information. People now refuse to believe the way things have always been because everything was hidden behind God and Country.

    The USA is still the country with the most opportunities anywhere on earth. All the people trying to get here by any means certainly see it while our citizens drown themselves in hatred, self pity and indulgence. Millennials are waking up to this, thank goodness.

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    1. Nomad: True, there have been no perfect days, and the 1950s had lots of imperfections. I remember the 1950s quite well. As for minorities being tortured and humiliated, those days began to end with the Eisenhower Administration in the 1950s, and things got even better during the 1960s with the Civil Rights legislation, which was opposed far more by Democrats than Republicans. As for crime, it’s worse now than then. Democrats did that.

      Millennials are waking up? I hope you are right. What we need more than anything is that people who vote for Democrats wake up, like I did in 2008. I should have done it sooner.

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