Sign of our silly times

From what I read, mask-wearing is more common on my mountaintop than in some other areas of Mexico. I shot this photo while sitting at a coffee shop table this week. Note that the gent just past him, the one glancing downward, is sporting his useless mask in another style, below his chin.

What a silly world we live in.

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  1. God! Masks! If there’s any topic I’m more tired of, I can’t recall it at the moment.

    They’ve gone from a sort of good risk-management, whose only touted benefit (at least by public health authorities) was basically a sort of portable sneeze-guard, to some kind of weird religion. Worse, from a public-health standpoint, the mask-religionists have forgotten the sneeze-guard part and now, in my view, have a dangerously high (and misplaced) faith that those masks (regardless of quality or filtration grade) will protect them from getting covid. If ever there was dangerous misinformation circulating, that would be number one in my view.

    In February 2020, before we knew much about covid, I bought a mask that truly would protect me. It’s a polycarbonate, full-face model, with P100 cartridges. It seals around the edges and is airtight. It’s designed for folks who do things like paint cars, and carries an OSHA certification among other things. This mask, along with the P100 cartridges cost me about $180. And I snapped it up, because they were quickly becoming scarce. Yes, that mask would do the job. But I don’t know anyone else who has one.

    And? I’ve literally never worn it because I was sure it would scare the bejeezus out of anyone around me. And later I learned that it wouldn’t even be considered acceptable on an airplane because it’s designed to vent unfiltered air because it’s designed to protect the wearer, not the environment.

    Anyway, one of my longer-term goals is to learn to paint cars, so it’s not a total loss.


    Kim G
    Roma Sur, CDMX
    Where I basically continue to go unmasked outdoors and have yet to receive a single comment about it.

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      1. Felipe: Indeed. Since I’ve been here (June) I’ve been thinking that there’s no Spanish translation for “Karen,” an unexpected delight. NOB, the Karens have been glaring at me outdoors since the pandemic began. Here? Some folks try to steer clear, but that’s it. And I keep thinking that one of these days a cop is going to tell me to put on a mask, but surprisingly that day has yet to come.

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        1. Kim: Nope, no Karens south of the border that I’ve encountered or heard of. However, cops can be another matter. Once or twice during the first apparent wave of Kung Flu here, when the government was more excited about it. copying the U.S. — now there are more cases rising than before, a second spike, but we’ve wearied of it, and nothing much is being enforced — I had a policewoman politely ask me to don a mask on the sidewalk downtown. I pulled out the useless piece of cloth I carry in my pocket and put it on. End of problem. I walked about a block farther and pulled it off again. During that first spike last winter, I read news stories of some areas in Mexico where the government was a bit more hysterical, and where a small number of people had been told to don masks by police and were arrested when they refused to do so, which was a stupid move on their parts. Just put the damn thing on, continue a bit, and take it off.

          The main plaza downtown was taped off for months during the first wave, stupidly, in my opinion. Now, during a second spike, which is going down, the plaza is open, everything is open, and life is pretty much normal. Stores, mostly the chains but not entirely, are requiring a mask to enter still.

          But no Karens because Mexicans mind their own business!

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          1. I was told, after having spent a week going maskless in Zacatecas, that one could be jailed for not wearing a mask outdoors. But I continued on, maskless as before. And yes, I almost always have one, and if asked, would do exactly as you suggest. If outdoor masking is stupid, it’s even more stupid to make avoidance some kind of “hill to die on.”

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            1. Kim: Many officials in Mexico have said you’ll be arrested if seen without a mask, and that happened once or twice last year to some stubborn sorts, but now, I think, it’s just political posturing. Heck, even some of the cops here walk around maskless.

              As for hills to die on, it amazes me to see news stories of the occasional airline passenger being kicked off a flight for refusing to wear a mask. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Just put the thing on, for Pete’s sake. I sure would.

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  2. There are a few people wearing masks here in my area of Texas. I just wish they wouldn’t leave them in shopping carts and parking lots when they’re done with them.

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