Day in September

Though, like most houses, there are four sides to the Hacienda, with one exception, windows face in just two directions. The sole exception is the tiny window in the upstairs bathroom.

We’re looking out that one today.

It was bonkers raining this morning as I looked out that way, so I decided to shoot a brief video, but by the time I went downstairs for the camera and returned, it had slacked up quite a bit.

But I made the video anyway.

That white building you see near the start was topless the last time I opened this window, but someone has installed a board frame under big pieces of laminate. The surrounding greenery is due to months of daily rain. For years, there was a family living on the property, but they vanished one day, and the space returned to nature.

Thursday is market day on the nearby neighborhood plaza, so the two of us, in addition to the daily exercise walk, bought veggies and beef to make caldo de res for lunch tomorrow. I do love a good caldo de res, which I was first encountered in the 1990s in Houston at a Mexican restaurant in The Heights.

Alas, most caldos de res one finds here in restaurants sport very gristly beef, so I include it in my list of grub best eaten at home and prepared by my child bride. Pozole is also on the list for the same reason, gristly beef when others make it. I don’t know if Mexicans actually like gristly beef or that it’s just cheaper to purchase.

Likely the latter.


The Biden Gang

Speaking of purchases, the Taliban won’t be needing to buy military equipment anytime soon because The Biden Gang gifted them with more than enough for years to come.

According to news reports, the Democrat White House and Woke generals left more gear — guns, humvees, airplanes, helicopters — at Bagram Air Base than the United States gave Israel — the only democracy in the Mideast — in the last 30 years.

So what? At least we don’t have to suffer Trump’s Mean Tweets anymore. It’s a fair trade-off. ¿No?

Taliban enjoying its gifts from The Biden Gang.

13 thoughts on “Day in September

  1. I can’t believe we left all that equipment there to be used against us. We should have at least destroyed the tires, put sugar in the gas or put everything in a circle and set it on fire.

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  2. It’s been raining here also, lots of rain.

    I’m thinking they have to play nice as they need help getting out anyone who hasn’t been rounded up and killed after the no-plan didn’t work out.


    1. Kirk: Well, we are in the rainy season, after all.

      As for your take on the Afghan disaster, you are more optimistic than I am. I hope you are right, however. Let us pray so.


  3. On the weekend, it was a hurricane that flooded a local village. Today, the rain was nothing more than a regular summer storm that also filled the streets. I fought off the last onslaught with a pot of plantain soup.


    1. Señor Cotton: If memory serves, and it rarely does, I recall that plantain soup is the traditional counteraction to onslaughts of rain. We’ve been getting onslaughts of rain here too, but I’ve never eaten or even seen plantain soup in my life. I think it’s more common in low-lying tropical areas. Maybe I encountered it when I lived in Puerto Rico, but I don’t recall. I only recall clearly chick and rice, plus habichuelas, all of which I am overly fond.


  4. For all we know, samples of all that military gear have already been disassembled and carefully examined by the Chinese, Russian, and likely also Iranian and Pakistani engineers.

    By the way, wasn’t Pakistan supposed to be an “ally?” Seems like the Taliban wouldn’t have made nearly so much progress without their help.

    This botched Afghanistan withdrawal will likely have severe consequences for years to come.


    Kim G
    Roma Sur, Mexico City
    Where the rain falls mainly when it’s a pain.


      1. Kim: Sure, there is beef pozole. And chicken and pork too. Macizo is a good idea, although I’m not sure how successful that would be. The beef, pork, whatever, is already in the soup. It’s not added when you order. Maybe you’ve just been lucky. In any event, it’s always better at my house, and it’s always chicken.


    1. Kim: I saw a news report yesterday that some of that military gear has surfaced already in Iran, so lord knows where else it will be used against us in some way or another. As for Pakistan, anyone who still thinks that it’s a U.S. ally is smoking weed. And yet, as I understand it, the U.S. still sends them gadzillions of dollars annually. As the old saying goes, you can’t make this stuff up.

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      1. Apparently we are led by the dumbest among us. Right? Like Congress had zero power to do something about this disaster? Frankly, we should vote out every single incumbent everywhere and start afresh.


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