Why borders matter

Our friend the brilliant British historian Simon Webb addresses the issue of border control here, an important theme to both nationalists and globalists. The former know the importance of border control. The latter do not.

Or likely the latter do, but since they dislike nationalism/patriotism to their bones, they know that border control impedes their goofy, perilous, multicultural dreams.

For years now, illegal immigrants have run unchecked across Western Europe due to the inept or worse governments that are common there. The basic problem is that it is politically incorrect to enforce borders because all cultures “are of equal value” and diversity is a glorious thing, all of which is arrant nonsense.

On August 6, I posted a video of an interview with the president of the Central European nation of Hungary. He addressed his nation’s successful border enforcement. Hungary wants to preserve its language and culture, which is admirable. Poland is now doing the same thing, also fairly successfully. I salute Poland, as should you.

Simon is, understandably, concerned with the floods of illegals arriving unmolested by boat to the shores of England, but his comments equally apply to successful nations’ opening their borders elsewhere, such as the United States where the globalist, dimwit Democrat Party currently sits fraudulently in the Oval Office.

Hold onto your hats or, more realistically, your sombreros. If there is any silver lining here, it’s that those invading the United States illegally are Latinos, not Mohammedans.


(Speaking of Mohammedans, two books to read are Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia and Black Wave. The Black in the second title refers not to race but to the midnight burkas Mohammedan women are forced to wear by their masters, i.e. their husbands, brothers and sons.)

10 thoughts on “Why borders matter

  1. I actually like the temporary visas that are required to visit certain countries.

    Tourist zone day pass (or what its name) in Mexico, or the actual temporary one that only lasts a short time.

    Work visa in many, outside of a tourist visa. Actually have to prove a residence and having a job over certain timeframes.

    I wasn’t invited to become a burden on the actual people of their respective countries. They were inviting but not 100% inviting, which made sense.


          1. No, I am from North Alabama. It is a diss on people that say “If you love anarchy so much, why don’t you move to Somalia?”

            I do need to get a mail chimp mailer set up. I should have a WP subscribe button somewhere.


            1. Matt: Ah, well, Alabama makes a whale of a lot more sense than Somalia. I thought you’d lost your mind.

              As for the other thing, look at WP’s widget list. There is an easy way to let people subscribe. I have it here.

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  2. Simon Webb consistently states the historical facts as they are today in various parts of the world. He has an expansive knowledge of history.


    1. Ricardo: He’s a remarkably sharp guy. YouTube censors him every now and then, but he just plugs on, telling the truth. He should open an alternative channel on GabTV or Bitchute, but he has not so far.


  3. Indeed, for all of the kvetching from the Right about Latinos migrating to the USA illegally, overall they fit in pretty well, being mostly Catholic and entirely Western. Europe has a much tougher problem.

    Simon Webb has been on a tear in recent weeks. For what must be an 80-something guy, he’s remarkably “with-it.”


    Kim G
    Roma Sur, Mexico City
    Where I’m the pinche migrante, though I mostly try to blend in. At least as much as possible for a six-foot-tall, very white guy, hehe.


    1. Kim: True, if you have to pick one from the pot of potential illegals, Latinos are far better than Mohammedans, but any group would be better than Mohammedans. As for illegal Latinos fitting in pretty well, I say kick them all out, and direct them to the line of people waiting for legal permission to immigrate.

      I’ve often wondered how old Simon is, but I don’t think he’s in his 80s. From references he’s made, I’d say mid-70s at most.


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