Downfall of America

Crosses are rarely seen on Unitarian churches, probably never.

I’ve given this topic lots of thought over the past few years. There are numerous reasons for the downfall of America, and I’ll list three here in no particular order of priority.

  1. People who attend the Unitarian Church. As I was a Democrat until 2008, I favored the Unitarian Church for much of my life before moving south of the Rio Bravo. Both of my first two marriages were officiated by Unitarian ministers, and both marriages failed. My third (successful) marriage was officiated by a Catholic judge.
  2. Unmarried women who sport men’s haircuts, especially the older gals. These women invariably embrace horrendous political views, doubly if they live in Philadelphia.
  3. Anyone who listens to National Public Radio. Again, I long was guilty and, again, I have recovered. Sweet music is played on NPR, but between the tunes, you’re fed nuttiness that smites the psyche.

Women who attend Unitarian churches often listen to NPR, and they also have men’s haircuts. The perfect storm.

Do you know what sort of people go to Unitarian Church? People who do not believe in Jesus, but who like to go to church on Sundays.

I never believed in Jesus or had a church-going habit, so I never really went to the Unitarian Church, but when I needed it, there it was, mostly to certify bad marriages.

Far fewer women in Mexico sport men’s haircuts than do women above the Rio Bravo. This is one of the many plusses of living in Mexico. More often than not, when you see a woman down here with a man’s haircut, she’s a nun or wishes she were.

National Public Radio does not exist in Mexico, but you can tune in online. I don’t, but you can. We Mexicans get our ignorance from other sources. Listening to our doofus president is a top choice for many.

10 thoughts on “Downfall of America

  1. This is the kind of post which fuels your critics. Fluffy and focused on the entirely superficial and irrelevant. Tsk, tsk. There are much more serious reasons why America is failing, and you are more than capable of identifying them and writing them up beautifully.

    Here’s my rebuttal.

    1. Unitarian Churches? Really? Even if Unitarians don’t believe in God (a questionable thesis), being involved in a community of mutual support is a good thing. I know lots of Unitarians who are actively involved in making their communities better, and that’s a good thing. Why not criticize those who live atomized, disconnected lives with no more connection to their communities than the same brand of laundry detergent? Those who don’t even know their neighbors. That’s a real problem, not a fake one.

    2. Women with men’s haircuts? I’m assuming you’re referring to lesbians. Well, one of my best friends is such a woman (haircut and all), who runs a very successful insurance agency, is a card-carrying member of the NRA, and carries her gun everywhere. If she’s ever around a mass shooter, she’ll be the one who takes the guy out, and likely with only a single shot as she regularly practices at the rifle range. She’s also politically independent and leans conservative. She’s not the only such person I know, and I suspect there are many, many more outside of deep-blue Massachusetts. These women are just as concerned as you or I about the decline of the USA, and largely agree on the causes. They aren’t what you wrote.

    3. NPR. Well, you might be onto something here, but NPR is no worse than 90% of the mainstream “misleadia.” I’ll never forget their response to the Hunter Biden laptop bombshell in late October. (And I’m paraphrasing here), “It’s not our job to find out if news stories are true or not, even if they might implicate the next president of the USA in foreign corruption.” So you’re right on NPR, but wrong to ignore the entire rest of the fake news industry.

    In my view, what’s mostly at the root of America’s demise is our political class (both left and right) having told us for more than 50 years that we can have it all, with no sacrifice or trade-offs required. And that we’re “exceptional,” and thus we can just coast. In short, we’ve become the spoiled child of nations, incapable of managing on our own any more.


    Kim G
    Roma Sur, CDMX
    Where I know a surprisingly large number of Mexican Trump supporters.


    1. Kim: Well, look who got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! Of course, there are numerous reasons why the United States is going down the tubes. My post, however, was intended to be a mix of entertainment and with some truth. Light-hearted even.

      As for my three points, I’d bet 99 percent of folks in Unitarian churches are leftists. Ditto for lesbians. And NPR is what I said it is and, scandalously, funded with taxpayer cash.

      Now hop back into the sack, see if you can doze off a spell, then get up on the other side! Ta-ta.

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  2. 1. Some of the world’s most corrupt churches sport the Cross.
    2. NPR is one of the first really biased progressive networks. They haven’t changed.
    3. My wife’s hair is getting shorter every year. She keeps insisting that it’s just easier to take care of, but since she is becoming more opinionated, and voicing that opinion much more now, I suspect she may be changing into a Lesbian. I’m going to keep a close watch and report back!

    NPR has Donald Trump to thank for its increased number of fans. Once he came into the political picture it gave them a gold mine of material. Starting in 2016 every day was bash Donald Trump day. I stopped listening in 2017 and slowly reduced all media until 2020 when I had had enough and ignored all media and social media with the exception of The Wall Street Journal.

    Unfortunately, The Wall Street Journal has increased its opinion columns from two a day to five or more since Joe Biden’s election. On the bright side, I can read the paper in much less time.


    1. Nomad: Emory University, a Methodist institution, I read this morning, is going all in with Pride stuff and a Stacy Abrams mural too. As for your wife’s hair, at least she is married, but that does not rule out the Lesbian possibility. Do keep an eye on her. We care.

      One of the worst aspects to NPR is that all taxpayers chip in to support it. Lamentable.


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