A fighting force?

A few days ago, I read that the Democrat/Socialist PC Party is pushing to extend the military draft to women,* which is a bone-headed idea except in special circumstances like the one faced by Israel, a small nation surrounded by hot-headed Mohammedans.

The United States, on the other hand, is surrounded only by sea water, maple syrup and tacos.

Aside from the draft issue is the U.S. military’s embrace of social issues that are counter to national security and common sense. Here is a video from Russia, which would be funny were it not true.

The second half is an actual U.S. Army recruitment video. Once there was Gen. Patton, and now there is Gen. Milley. Russia or China could easily land a small invasion force on the beach in Florida or California. They would be met, one supposes, by an unarmed U.S. Army platoon who would ask their preferred pronouns.


*Because women can do anything a man can do, and often do it better. This includes hand-to-hand combat. And men can do anything a woman can do, such as have babies, if men choose the appropriate pronoun.

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  1. The military is only the latest woke nincompoops. It has already struck everywhere else. The USA is the joke of the world, I don’t think anywhere else is so over the top.


  2. These hostile Nations have gotta be LOVING these dumba$$es! We are literally figuratively completely on the downward slide from once being a great nation. It’s all over except for the epitaph. Stay tuned. 😔


  3. It would be interesting to understand what the Russian words are. Obviously the USA video is a recruitment effort, given the increasingly desperate measures used to maintain an all-volunteer military. And with all the opportunities in USA civilian life, apparently being a military recruiter is one of the more difficult jobs out there. Not only are roughly 71% of age-elegible American citizens unfit for service (due to factors like obesity, height, flat feet, test scores, etc.), but there is a ton of better opportunities for the best and brightest youth.

    And a quick internet search reveals that Russia has a 12-month mandatory conscription, of all male citizens age 18–27, with a number of exceptions. Avoiding the draft is a felony under Russian criminal code and is punishable by up to 2 years of imprisonment. Thus they don’t really need to recruit. So it’s not even clear what the video even is, except a bunch of manly Russians doing butch, military stuff.

    So yeah, I’m not wild about all the “woke” virtue signalling either. But rightly or wrongly, these issues are important to a lot of young people. So the military has to do what it has to do in order to recruit. My guess is that basic training is as tough as ever. But they don’t show you that until you’ve signed on the dotted line. Then it’s no more “Mr. Nice Guy.”

    Preparing a military was never a pretty business, this video included.


    Kim G
    Roma Sur, Mexico City
    Where there seem to be at least as many armed law enforcement types as criminals.


    1. Kim: Good point on Russia’s lack of need for recruitment ads. Maybe they’re just tooting their horns, or maybe they made that specifically to contrast it to the foolishness of the U.S. recruitment ad. You think basic training is as tough as ever? Much of it has been toned down so the womenfolk can get through it. That is especially so in the Marine Corps where women have no business being at all, in my opinion. Special Forces like the Green Berets, Rangers and the SEALS have softened their training too, for the same reason, so women can get through it, and even then most women cannot do it. Hell, even most men cannot do it. The very idea of women in Special Forces outfits is absurd.

      I saw an interview with a drill sergeant a couple of years ago. He said that it was clear that most of the recruits these days had never been told no in their lives by someone who actually meant it.

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    2. The military training is NOT as tough as ever. They dropped the physical fitness standards years ago to accommodate our porky boys and our girly girls. And what in the world does military stuff have to do with being “butch?” Isn’t that a term used for fat, short, ugly women with hair chopped off who look like little fat men?

      Come on, man!


      1. Marco: Quite right. From everything I’ve seen in recent years, it’s been toned down due to PC requirements. As for the “butch,” it’s a common term in the gay community in which our amigo Kim circulates. We normal folks don’t use it much, but I get his drift, as do you.

        Come on, man, indeed! You’re channeling Sniffy Joe.

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