You know, you know . . .

What, in the name of God, is this senile old coot talking about? Robert E. Lee in Afghanistan? You know, you know.

Never in the history of North America have we had three presidents, although he’s called prime minister in Canada, who have been this bad, a colossal crisis of leadership. Hold onto your hats.

7 thoughts on “You know, you know . . .

  1. It is flat out abdication of any professional integrity for the MSM not to cover this guy’s continuing decline in his mental state.
    This guy should be at home watching soap operas and getting his diaper changed, not sitting at the helm of the most powerful nation on this planet.

    What a sad joke on us.

    The Emperor has no clothes…


    1. Marco: Sure, he is clothed. With adult diapers. And Biden is not leading the nation. He’s propped up by the Democrat Machine. Biden is clearly unable to lead anything. By the way, did you know his people have actually removed some of Trump’s border wall there in your state of Arizona?

      As for the MSM, they have long abandoned their traditional role of informing us. But you know that.


    1. Ms. Shoes: Of course, he’s a just a prop, but I think even many conservatives actually think he’s the president. I mean more than just in name only.

      Weekend at Bernies? Never saw that one. Now we’re in a Long Weekend at Joe’s.


  2. Biden was in Idaho today and his handlers cut off his microphone while he was talking some sort of gibberish. I’m still waiting on the press to turn against him any day now.


    1. Thirsty: Why would the Democrat/socialist media turn on their own man? Would be a sight to see. They are issuing a bit of criticism now and then, probably to cover their own backsides more than anything.


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