Let’s breathe freely

There has been much dispute since the pandemic began about the efficacy of face masks, even within the medical community. Some doctors say wear it. Others say its help is minimal.

I favor the latter approach. I don’t wear masks. I am not a pandemic denier, and I am not anti-vax. I have been vaccinated, though hesitantly this time due to the rush job.

I fight the pandemic in two ways: First, I wash my hands a bit more frequently. Second, I embrace social distancing, which does not require changing my lifestyle in the slightest.

It appears that if you are ill and cough or sneeze, the mask will help reduce whatever you may fling into your immediate vicinity. The mask helps you protect others. Makes sense.

However, if you are healthy, it does little to block your inhaling Kung Flu because virus droplets are microscopic, passing through most materials and around spaces in your face coverage.

And then there is the weird political aspect to the pandemic. If you are a leftist, you embrace masks. If you are a conservative, you embrace liberty. Do viruses vote?

Thankfully, here in Mexico, mask obsession is minimal. And we have few Karens. But there are places you must wear a mask. One is my wife’s gym, which is quite heavy-handed on the mask issue.

And wearing a mask while exercising, from what I have read, is a lousy idea. Exercising or not, it’s unwise to inhale your lungs’ exhaust.

I recently discovered a solution for her. It’s the unmask. That’s one in the photo. It’s sold by a small American enterprise. You can breathe normally through it. I bought one for her. It arrived this week.

If you want to unmask, buy one. If you enter the code UC20 at checkout, you’ll get a 20% discount. Tell them that Felipe sent you, and you’ll score an additional reduction of 0%.

That’s not a typo. I’m always here to serve, amigos.

12 thoughts on “Let’s breathe freely

  1. Thank you for the info on the unmask. I will order those. Can’t believe there is no discount for Moon people. We are not social distance people, dinner and dancing several times a week at least.

    We consider ourselves to be sophisticated, kind of like the people at Obama’s birthday bash, so no masks needed, and as long as no one is taking pictures we don’t need masks, like the leftist politicians do it.

    I did have a cold a few weeks ago so kept away from people for a week or so. I exercise early, so no problem staying away from others and it is outside.


    1. Kirk: Yes, being sophisticated protects you from the Kung Flu, even more so if you are a Democrat. Boy, I bet that gal wishes she had never said that.

      That unmask is great. You breathe just as if there was nothing there. I suspect it’s pretty much like nothing is really there, but they don’t sell it that way. They’re a little vague on that point. To me, it’s just so you can get into places that require masks. It looks real.


    1. Señor Cotton: If memory serves, it took a bit over three weeks. The obvious solution is to delay your voyage. The mask is pure genius.

      Are you aware there are Mohammedans in Dubai?


      1. I am. It may shock you to know that I have plenty of Islamic friends and acquaintances — many who date back to my university days. And each of my visits to Islamic countries has been just as rewarding as my trips to Europe, Asia, and The Americas. It is a rich culture. Unfortunately, this trip will be one of those trips where I will not leave an airport until I return to a really dangerous place — Los Angeles. Details will follow.


  2. Thanks for the info. I’m ordering one for my daughter. She has to wear a mask while attending college classes.


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