The hand of Sleepy Joe

12,000 illegals under a bridge in Texas, awaiting “asylum.” Future Democrat voters. At least, that’s the Oval Office dream.

Well, you folks who voted against President Trump should be proud of yourselves. While Trump had the border situation well in hand, now it has flown fully out of control.

And you covid-hysterical Democrats should note that none of your illegals are being tested, and they’re not sporting face masks.

Inflation rising, gas prices too, Trump’s energy independence kaput, and imbecility on the international stage.

24 thoughts on “The hand of Sleepy Joe

  1. Sadly, the other side is deeply ensconced in their Kool-Aid-spiked psychosis that anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, that goes wrong is somehow the fault of Orange Man Bad!

    We are deep in the throes of a dying nation. I’m quite sure we will continue for several years lingering, not unlike a cancer patient in hospice. But someday, and not in the distant future, we will have done a complete 180 and be not unlike the other European-bred Socialist States that the far Left dreams of.

    There are far too many people now who rely upon the goodies that the state provides in taxes that could never be paid from a debt burden that will never be honored.

    Our country is teetering on life support, and we will most certainly get what we deserve.


        1. Marco: You’ll have the bean the blonde babe backside the head, but whatever works. Yes, it’s better down here, but what’s happening up there affects the entire world. In the meantime, we have scant PC, no worship of multiculturalism, great, affordable healthcare, cheap utilities and a culture of mind-your-own-business. And lots of other plusses. What’s not to love?


  2. But, but, don’t you realize that “America’s back?” That the “adults” are now in charge? That a massive overrunning of the border, rampant inflation, and the worst American military defeat ever are the marks of true success?

    Jeeze, what kind of right-wing, gun-toting, retrograde troglodyte are you?

    Count me among you.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where masks are back, despite any evidence of efficacy.

    P.S. Did you see that the FAA has now banned drone flights near that bridge? So-called “conspiracy theorists” will claim that it was done to prevent the public from knowing just how bad this crisis is. But those who realize the truth know that those drones were just making the foreign invasion problem worse. Yeah, right.


    1. Kim: Undoubtedly the worst White House crew in the nation’s history. And while I am a right-wing troglodyte, I am not gun-toting because they’re rather touchy about that in Mexico. Draconian gun control, which is working just great for the bad guys who are armed to the proverbial teeth.

      Yes, I knew about the drone ban on the border. Sad. All of it. But at least we don’t have to read Trump’s mean Tweets anymore. Thank God for that. Makes all that’s happened worthwhile.

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      1. As someone recently put it, the Taliban is on Twitter while Trump is not. All you need to know about America and its twisted, leftist values.


  3. All required to make a sad story is to look around you. Your reporting is accurate to the nth degree, as usual.

    Being one of those fortunate gringos living just a couple of hours north of where those folks under the bridge were standing, does not to me bring a warm and fuzzy feeling.

    My human side feels their hurt, my more practical side feels mine.


  4. France is pulling their ambassadors and the rest of Europe is mad at us. I don’t think we can endear ourselves to them by being like them. We are putting our chips in the Pacific region where they belong now.


  5. Groan.
    It seems we are repeating Russian history circa 1892-1930.
    Edmund Burke (1729-1797): “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
    George Santayana (1863-1952): “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
    #46 is a yutz who became president while Americans bickered and blamed the nearest lackey for the mess happening in the U.S. It is incredibly sad the American people continue to bicker and blame rather than just demanding the leaders come together to clean up the mess the U.S. has become. Until Americans find a way to come together to do what is in the best interest of America, it will get horrifyingly worse for the U.S, her allies and the rest of the world.

    “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation.” Jesus of Nazareth

    P.S.: No the U.S. does not have a king, just making a point that if we remain divided, things will become terrifying here and throughout the world


    1. Vitamina: True, all of it. Groan indeed. Sleepy Joe is a yutz? Never heard that one. He’s also a putz.

      No, the United States has no king though I think about now it would be an improvement. I’m not a fan of democracy, specifically universal suffrage. Letting ignoramuses vote is a lousy idea, just plain nuts. Enlightened monarchs can be good. The biggest problem, however, is maintaining the enlightened part longer than one or two generations.

      Thanks for the feedback. Always appreciated.

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      1. Yutz is a Yiddish word meaning: foolish, annoying, socially inept/incompetent boob, twit, nincompoop or oaf.

        The United States of America is fading. Unfortunately, far too many of her citizens do not realise it. It is sad.

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        1. Vitaminia: Fading it is, and far too many citizens have nary a clue. It’s a great time to be in one’s Twilight Years, which I am in.

          Never heard yutz, but a Jewish friend of mine introduced me to putz decades ago.

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