The hippie power grid

Remember when much of Texas froze in the dark for days last winter because its power grid wasn’t up to the task? The Energy State! The fault lay with the state’s over-reliance on renewable energy sources, which failed miserably.

It was widely reported back then that the problem was renewable energy, but the explanation was not as informative and succinct as this brief video from PragerU. Enjoy and learn, amigos.

6 thoughts on “The hippie power grid

  1. I remember that winter well. I was in it. Freezing in my house. it was great fun. It would have been worse (for me) if I had been in one of the big cities in our state.


    1. Ricardo: What you had up there, and likely still do, is a political power grid instead of a functioning power grid. I wonder if last winter wised them up enough to make meaningful changes because if not, it will happen again, likely worse. It’s a bad idea to hum Kumbaya while designing the power grid. Surprised Texas did it. You’d expect that sort of nonsense in Vermont, New York and California.


  2. One Man’s F#@ked up is another Man’s Nirvana. I don’t think there is a country that people our age don’t think their country is going to hell.
    It could just be us old people. The comment and complaints we make now sound just like the comments and complaints that old people made 40 years ago.

    Our grandchildren will make similar comments 40-50 years from now.


    1. Nomad: It’s quite true that old folks often think their nation is dropping off the cliff. The difference today, however, is that the United States actually is dropping off the cliff.


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