Fine September day

That was yesterday, but we’re hoping today will be equally delightful.

We’re approaching the end of the rainy season, thank the Goddess, which is always the attitude about this time each year as we wade in water, mud and overabundant greenery.

This was a celebratory week due to my child bride’s birthday on Wednesday. We headed to a snazzy restaurant here that normally exceeds our budget wishes, but birthdays warrant exceptions. It was the rooftop restaurant in the Hotel Casa Leal on the main plaza.

It’s a “boutique” hotel, and we are boutique-y people. At least we were on Wednesday.

Here are two photos I shot from the restaurant.

This town has changed so much, mostly for the better, in the two decades I’ve lived here, it’s astounding to me. I landed here by pure happenstance. There was little planning involved.

Since I’m posting photos, here’s one that’s primarily for my amigo Phil up in Arizona who’s taken a particular interest in the construction across the street that’s been plodding along for months, done almost entirely by a single man, the owner.

Last week, the two steel “curtains” and door were installed by an outfit that makes such things, blacksmiths. It took one day. I am impressed that the owner ordered an entry door that sports a little pizazz. Most would have chosen the standard, solid, black door.

Stay tuned, Phil!

21 thoughts on “Fine September day

  1. Happy Birthday to La Señora.
    Nice photos, as usual, señor.
    Bet this post gets a lot more comments than the last one?


    1. Ricardo: Yes, the birthday festivities were enjoyed by one and all, which would make the two of us.

      As for comments on the previous post, quite true.

      Saludos all around.


  2. Nice view up there. We had dinner there when we visited. I hope your bride enjoys many more birthday celebrations.


  3. Hey, thanks for keeping me posted. Now to wait for a tenant. With doors like those, it could be anything. I hope it’s not a muffler shop.

    P.S.: My age is no secret. I’m proud that I’ve reached 93 and still active, with some limitations.


    1. Phil: Those are typical roll-up doors you see on that type of construction down here. We have the same thing on my wife’s pastry kitchen which abuts the street. We have not opened them since they were installed in 2014.

      I doubt it will house a muffler shop. It could be about anything, and there are two there, not just one, completely separate. I’m guessing the owner is planning to open his own business in the larger side, the left, the one with the door, and rent out the other. Time will tell, as they say.

      And yes, you have racked up quite a few years. Congrats,


      1. For it to be a rental of any sort the edifice has a very noticeable detail that seems rather odd. Let’s see if your audience can find it.


          1. Ms. Shoes: Well, you have outdone Antonio. Maybe. Our roll-up door just has a place to insert a padlock on the exterior and interior. It’s small, and since it’s not possible to blow up the photos here, maybe it’s not readily visible. I’ll check next time I’m out there. Stay tuned.


              1. Antonio: Outdone (one word, not two) means she scored higher (or something better) than you. She noticed the lack of exterior lock capacities on the steel doors. Actually, she was only half right. One has it, another does not. You noticed the single electric meter. She noticed that and the lock issue, so she outdid you! Fret not. It happens to the best of us now and then.


          2. Ms. Shoes: Following an extensive scientific investigation, which is to say I walked out there and looked, you are partially correct. One meter, but the right-side door does have a place to close with a padlock. The left side does not, but that’s the side that has the door, so it’s not necessary.


  4. Felipe,

    My wife’s birthday was also on Wednesday! September 22. What a nice coincidence! We make our big move November 1 to our permanent home in Mexico. Hopefully, we can make a trip your way and hit that restaurant too!



  5. I do not think I have eaten at that restaurant. Another place to go on the list for my next visit — whenever that will be. But, for now, I am off to Los Angeles in the afternoon tomorrow and to parts farther east (and far more exotic) on Monday and Tuesday.


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