No free lunch

Here is a five-minute look at unions, both private and public. Private unions are imploding while public ones, funded by cash strong-armed from taxpayers, are doing just fine, thank you.

And, as usual, unions and their associated corruption are supported by the Democrat/Socialist Party in the United States.

I bring this to you as a public service. A tip of the sombrero to the brilliant Dr. Thomas Sowell.

My closest encounter with unionism was at the San Juan Star where not only was the composing room unionized, which was the case at the New Orleans paper when I worked there, but the newsroom was unionized too. But during the nearly two years I toiled in San Juan, no one ever approached me about joining. Dunno why.

So I got union pay without paying union dues.

The union at the San Juan Star was run by the local communist party. My stay in Puerto Rico was broken into two parts, and the reason was labor strikes.

After the first strike, which left me unemployed, I took a roundabout route back to the United States, meandering through Haiti and Mexico by plane and train. The strike was fairly brief, so I returned to San Juan. Months later, the union struck again, and I left forever.

The labor union eventually drove the paper out of business, years later. I really liked Puerto Rico and would have settled there except for the union and the communist party.

I’m not fond of unions or communists.

4 thoughts on “No free lunch

  1. I have always admired Thomas Sowell. I have even attempted to arrange a meeting (for dinner or whatever), but he is a solitary man. It is one of the things I admire in him.

    By the way, have you heard that “woman” is now a term of controversy in Britain? I have no idea of the genesis, but, apparently, the word is seen as an offensive exclusionary term. The first I heard of it was in this week’s edition of The Economist. I have no idea what Helen Reddy is going to do with her sexist anthem.

    But she will probably not be as ham-fisted as the premier British medical journal was in its apology for using the word “woman” in study results. Instead, the editors changed “woman” to something even a drunk frat boy would see as problematic — “bodies with vaginas.” Another apology ensued.

    I am so far behind the woke power curve that I have not yet settled on my pronouns, though, I was leaning heavily toward “your imperial majesty” until I realized I was offending my republican principles. Instead, I have decided to simplify everything. When referring to me in the first, second, or third persons (singular and plural), I will be “Steve Cotton.” As in Steve Cotton says that Steve Cotton is writing this comment, but not to Steve Cotton. See how simple things can be?


    1. Señor Cotton: Have I heard that “woman” is a controversial term in Britain? Of course. That and a million other imbecilities, and not just in Great Britain. I fear you are almost as far behind current events of this sort as a chicken farmer in Arkansas. I recommend less of The Economist and National Review and more of Breitbart and Gateway Pundit. You will be appalled.


      1. My usual hope is that The Absurdities will die out before they reach me. The “woman” brouhaha will have little traction here on the Mexico coast. When I told my Mexican friends about the “LatinX” business, they all laughed.


        1. Señor Cotton: We are of one mind. Being in our Twilight Years — me further than you — is of some solace. I am skeptical that The Absurdities will die out anytime soon. And yes, it is a blessing that most of the lunacy and imbecility running rampant in, let’s face it, the traditional White Man’s World, be it the top two-thirds of North America, Western Europe or Australia/New Zealand, is mostly nonexistent below the Rio Bravo.

          Latinx indeed. Lordy, the level of nonsense. And it’s almost all coming from one side of the political spectrum, of course. Not my side.


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