Behold the president

I rarely read leftist propaganda like The New York Times or The Washington Post, and I do not watch CNN or MSNBC, but I’ll venture a guess that you don’t see the gaffs of Sleepy Joe on those outlets.

I do watch Sky News Australia, however, and it never fails to entertain and inform. Here’s a sweet snippet for you concerning the babbling Sleepy Joe. Note to Democrat/Socialist voters, well, you did get rid of Donald Trump. Great work!


And behold the Vice President too!

As Sky News Australia’s wonderful Rita Panahi would say: Good Lord!

4 thoughts on “Behold the president

    1. Ricardo: Of all the people the Democrat fraudsters could have chosen to ride on Biden’s coattails into the White House, they chose this woman. He is senile, and she is beyond comprehension.

      But Trump is gone, and that’s what matters.


  1. It’s clear that Biden is past his “pull date,” but there’s also some selective editing going on on the right-leaning news, just as there is in the left-leaning news. Of course, the name-brand media hates Republicans, and has done so at least since Richard Nixon, and possibly earlier. Remember all those photos of Gerald Ford stumbling? Have you ever seen any photos of any other president stumbling? (Besides Biden struggling on the stairs to Airforce One? Which probably wasn’t played at all on the mainstream misleadia.) You think not a one of them ever stumbled? Probably not.

    As for Harris, you do know that that little scene was ENTIRELY staged, right? Those kids were paid actors. And notice there wasn’t a single white boy in the crowd? Pure propaganda! Goebbels would be proud!


    Kim G
    Roma Sur, CDMX
    Where one wonders if it’s even possible to get to the truth these days. Or is “truth” merely an outdated concept?”


    1. Kim: Selective editing? Sure. It’s to highlight the point you want to make.

      Yes, I have read that the kiddies were “actors.” The entire video is a horror. Makes you grit your teeth.


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