The good times

This morning around 10.* Sunshine!

The monsoon starts here in June, and then it rains every single solitary day till about now. It normally tapers off in October, but I remember one year that it rained on October 1, and that was it. It was a happy month. The Goddess had smiled.

But sometimes she manifests a mean streak, and rains on the cemeteries on the Night of the Dead, November, disproving the existence of a Goddess with our best interests at heart.

It seems to be tapering off now, and maybe it’s ended. Hard to know. But it was a beautiful day yesterday, and this morning dawned in the same way. See the photo above. I planted that pole cactus years ago when it was a pipsqueak. Now it’s about to bump the drainpipe above. Just two of them, the others are farther out.

Yes, the rains are winding down, and it seems the pandemic is following suit, which is no great shock. Pandemics historically last one to two years. In Mexico we had a spike last winter, the first wave, and another in August when it spiked even higher.

But now it’s way down. An ending pandemic will distress the Democrats above the Rio Bravo, a happy thought.

Another indication that life is returning to normal is that we have tenants arriving Sunday for a two-week stay in our Downtown Casita, the first time since 2019. We had a number of reservations last year, but they all canceled due to the hysteria.

In any event, I am wearying of renting the place due to the effort involved and the fact we do not depend on that income. It’s pure gravy. To that end, I have spiked the rent waaay up. If I have to be bothered with tenants, let ’em pay!

But for people I like — perhaps you, for instance — they can come and stay a week or two for nuttin’. Free.

Well, you might leave a tip for Marta the Maid.


The best month

October has long been my favorite month. When I lived in America, it was my favorite month because that’s when it got cool and nice after the sweltering summers of Texas. That’s not a big factor here because it’s always cool. It’s my fav month now due to the end of the monsoon rains. In any event, I love October.

Sitting on the printer.

Thirty years ago, I started a personal tradition. Every October, I purchased a small pumpkin and placed it atop my computer terminal at The Houston Chronicle.

I still do that today, but it has to sit atop my printer because my H-P All-in-One PC has no “top.”

Life goes on. For how much longer, nobody knows.


*In December, all that grass and even more will be removed and replaced with stone and concrete. Oh, boy!

22 thoughts on “The good times

  1. Nice picture of the cactus and yard, stone and concrete soon, too bad. It was a beautiful morning here lakeside also. I sat out in the sun and just enjoyed the morning. I was thinking how great it is to be living down in Mexico.

    It’s time to head for Barra now that the temperature is going down, and the rains have slowed. It will be a nice week out there and another reason to love being in Mexico.

    I like the fact that the Kung Flu is slowing again, must be about time for the next variant to come along.


    1. Kirk: Off to the beach, eh? We were going next month, to Zihuatanejo, but I talked my child bride out of it. Too freaking hot on the beach.

      Yeah, it’s about time for the Democrat/socialists to introduce another virus. Time will tell. But normal, sensible people are on to them.


  2. I think I’m going to second Ms Shoes’ comment. A pool sounds like a great idea, and with no greenery to fall into it, maintenance shouldn’t be too bad. Or at least a fountain, maybe with some beautiful colonial tiles as part of the basin. With your eye, you should be able to come up with something amazing.

    As for the weather, it has cleared up here too, save for yesterday, and maybe today. But it was sunny most of last week, and also got kind of warm. And by “kind of warm,” I mean upper 70s, which is on the edge of “too hot” for me. At least ideally speaking; I’m not a wilting violet.

    Anyway, enjoy the fall. DoD is coming up. Reforma has been planted with Cempasuchil and the stores are full of things like barking dog skeletons and other such bric-a-brac.


    Kim G
    Roma Sur, CDMX
    Where I’m still trying to decide if Halloween will be canceled in Boston or not, and whether to go back for it.


    1. Kim: A pool? Yeah, sure. About the only time one can enjoy an outdoor pool here would be a few afternoons in April and May. The rest of the year, no way, José. A fountain? Waste of effort and money. It would sit there turning green and brackish, providing a nice nest for mosquitos.

      Yep, the Day of the Dead is almost upon us. We’ve developed the habit of skipping town for that due to the hordes of tourists. But someone slipped in and rented the Downtown Casita, trapping me here. I should have skyrocketed the rent sooner.

      Go back to Boston for Halloween? I’m guessing this is because gay guys love that holiday, all the dressing up and stuff. Am I right? Think so.


      1. You’re going to enjoy the fountain. Only a tiny bit of electricity is involved, enough to run that 41-W bomba, and almost no plumbing, since you can fill it with the garden house and drain it with a llave on the lowest side, using the drainoff to water the remaining plants you have. As long as there is movement in the water and cloro, you won’t have a mosquito problem.

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              1. You could also stock it with mosquito-eating fish, and voila! You have something interesting to look at in addition to the fountain. And I’ll second the idea of involving your in-house civil engineer, if not making her la encargada. I’m sure she’d make something fantastic.


                Kim G

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      2. As for Halloween, well, yes, gay guys enjoy it. As do straight guys and gals, and mostly all the kids in my neighborhood. In years past, I have decorated the house, put flaming torches along the walk, and put a stereo on the porch playing “Sounds of the Haunted House.” Meanwhile, inside, I have a microphone connected to a speaker in the bushes. When kids walk by, on their way to the front door, I snarl into the microphone and watch them jump. The ones brave enough to ring the bell are greeted by me in vampire get-up, including real-looking fangs. I speak with a Transylvanian accent, and stay in character. They and all the neighbors LOVE it.

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  3. I am another proponent for the pool/ fountain idea. You really need it to give you some purpose. Just think of it as fodder for future posts, and you wife will LOVE it!

    As far as wiring and plumbing, you know you won’t be the one doing it, and you and your wife can plan a design. Just think, every time it collects bugs, leaves, slime, etc, you can get a renewed vigor for writing a clever post about it. As for it breaking and having to fix it, I’m sure it can be built so it will last long enough that you won’t have to deal with it.


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