The face of multiculturalism

Praise of multiculturalism is a subset of the political-correctness phenomenon in which we’ve lived for the past few decades in the historically Caucasian zones of the globe. Scarcely anyone today dares to call it into question. Do so at your peril.

Any school, business, government or formal organization worth its salt now includes in its mission statement its firm devotion to diversity, which is another word for multiculturalism, though “diversity” tends to focus a bit more on race than culture alone.

I have, for many years, pointed out that history clearly shows that promoting multiculturalism almost invariably leads to mayhem and murder. Multiculturalism is a problem to be addressed, not something to be encouraged. At least, if you know what is good for you.

Promoting diversity goes hand in hand with ignorance of history.

I have found a partner in my yearslong dedication to criticizing the promotion of multiculturalism: the brilliant British historian Simon Webb, he of the glorious mustache.

In the video he runs through some textbook examples over the past century in which multiculturalism went tragically wrong. I offer this to you as an educational service. Pass it along.

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  1. Simon mentions events in Ireland that would follow in another video. Here is that video. Yes, that’s right. That is this year’s Miss Ireland, a nation that is almost entirely white.


  2. Simon Webb has the huge benefit of knowing a lot about history, that of Britain in particular but also the histories of many places on this planet. Most importantly, he has an understanding of how the human mind(s) work in relation to the mixing of cultures.

    I nominate him for sainthood.


  3. You sure are proud of your racism. I’m not sure why you fear other races, but we all deal with our inner demons in different manners.


        1. Antonio: There was a time some many years ago when a commenter calling me a racist would have landed him/her in the banned file immediately. However, times have changed, and I have relaxed because now it has become humorously absurd, and those who use it as a catch-all epithet are humorously absurd themselves.

          Leftists have embraced the word to mean anything they do not agree with, often (or usually) having nothing to do with racism whatsoever.

          Against gay marriage? Racist! In favor of capitalism? Racist! Oppose socialism? Racist! A fan of Trump? Racist! Favor Hondas over Chevrolets? Racist! Oppose unlimited abortion rights? Racist! You people have used the word so often and so incorrectly that all we can do is laugh at you.

          Take Simon Webb’s video, for instance. I doubt you even watched it. If you did, it was just a small part. You saw the post title, and you erupted, in a knee-jerk manner, like an uncontrollable burp, with: Racist! Simon argued convincingly, with historical examples, that multiculturalism, especially in combination with democracy, usually leads to mayhem and murder, which is an argument I have made hereabouts for many years.

          Is the phenomenon racist? Part of it is. When the violence is sparked by race, it is racist. But it can also be sparked by different religions, different opinions, etc. Looking at the historical examples that Simon cited, I would argue that different religion is more of an issue than different race. But different culture, different language, and so on, also do the trick.

          The core issue is that humans simply are suspicious of “the other,” no matter what form “the other” takes. It can be race, religion, language, economic level, etc., etc. People prefer the company of folks like themselves. Always have, always will.

          Now go and sin no more. You are an educated man. Be more original with your comebacks.

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        2. Antonio, PPS: Just occurred to me that you also might have been “triggered” by the video in the comments where Simon addressed the issue of a black woman being named Miss Ireland, which is a nation almost entirely lily white. A Miss Ireland, like a Miss Any Nation, is someone pretty and talented who represents her native land. Miss Ireland being black is just plain silly, colossally absurd, and we all know why she was chosen: It was to push the theme of multiculturalism. Oddly, this path only runs one way. When will, for instance, Miss Nigeria or Miss Kenya or Miss Haiti be a blue-eyed blonde? The answer, of course, is never, ever. Why? Because those nations have no interest whatsoever in promoting diversity and multiculturalism. They are smart in that.


    1. @Antonio — Did you watch the video? It wasn’t about race, but culture. Bosnians and Serbs in the Balkans are the same race, as are Hindus and Muslims in India.


  4. You people? Erupt? Triggered? Knee-jerk? You must have been looking in the mirror as you wrote that! Look at the length of your response! Must be another rainy day and you had far too much time on your hands.

    I stumbled upon your blog quite accidently and while it was at one time slightly amusing, your bigotry and constant negativity have become quite tiresome. You are just an arrogant, intolerant, narrow-minded bore that offers nothing other than incessant whine.

    I will wager this post doesn’t get published and that is fine by me. And if you ban me? Realmente me vale un pepino.


    1. Enter stage left: Cognitive dissonance!

      None of what you’ve written even addresses the comment Felipe left. And if you find this blog so tiresome, yet keep reading it, it must be you who are suffering too many boring rainy days.

      And I’ll add that you fell right into the leftist trap, e.g., demonstrating here in writing that you have zero ability to argue your own point.

      Sad! As a former president might have noted.


        1. I’ve certainly left some contrary, and at times, “lefty” comments, but have always explained my reasoning and not resorted to insults. I’m not on either the left-wing team nor on the right-wing team. I do my best to have my own opinions, though it’s tough at times. I’m sure that some day, the Republicans will lose their minds while the Democrats come to their senses again. It’s the normal ebb and flow.


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