The power grabs

You may recall that the day before last November’s presidential election I predicted that Biden would win via election fraud on the part of the Democrat/Socialist Party. I was proven correct.*

President Trump drew massive crowds at rallies while Biden, when he did campaign, which was rare, hardly drew a handful, plus he was clearly mentally challenged, something that’s grown worse since he was inaugurated. Now he’s often incoherent. If you are unaware of this, turn off CNN and stop reading rags like The New York Times.

I won?

It amuses me in a sad way to see how many conservatives are bellowing about the election audits that are ongoing in certain areas, as if anything is going to remove Sleepy Joe from office aside from the passing of his four years or his literal passing, which would only leave us with that cackling Kamala who would be just as bad but in another way.

Then there was the recall campaign against California’s disaster of a governor, Gavin Newsom. In a sane world, he would have been tossed out the door handily by voters, but he won! Even famously conservative Orange County went for Newsom. If you buy that, I have a bridge in a desert to sell you for an honest price.

The Democrat/Socialist Party is perfecting its skills at steals.

Tuesday there is another important election, the governorship of Virginia, in which former Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe is running against Republican Glenn Youngkin. It’s considered an indicator of what will happen in next year’s midterms.

While McAuliffe was comfortably ahead in the polls in August, it was a dead heat today, and Republicans are fairly confident their man will win, which he likely would in an honest world. After all, among other gaffs, McAuliffe recently said that parents should not have a say in how their kids are educated.

It should be left up to the government. You know, like in Cuba.

McAuliffe has also complained that Virginia has too many white teachers.

No matter. I’m putting my money on McAuliffe, on the thuggery of the Democrats and the boundless naivety of Republicans.

*I thought this was the first White House steal in U.S. history since Andrew Jackson’s initial win was wrested from him in 1824. But Seymour Hersh’s excellent book The Dark Side of Camelot makes a compelling case for the Democrats’ also stealing the presidential election of 1960, putting John Kennedy in the White House with the help of the Mafia.

7 thoughts on “The power grabs

  1. Truth will win. It may not be tomorrow. It may not happen next week. It may not be in our lifetimes. Well, there’s not much of that left. I plan to come back to see it (in case I have to leave early).


  2. I’m hoping for Youngkin, but the Dems have a way of finding ballots in the middle of the night. McAuliffe seems like such a smarmy bstd. We shall see. Meanwhile in Canada, we’ve had our flag at half mast since May 30 which is a record for any Commonwealth country. It’s Trudeau’s virtue-signalling exercise in remembrance of hundreds of unmarked graves of indigenous children, but even many Indian leaders are calling for the flags to be raised before Remembrance Day on November 11th. Thousands of indigenous people fought and died in WW2, but Trudeau is oblivious to just about everything. My solution is to cut the flagpoles in half. In that way the flags will once again be at the top and we’ll save a few trees while we’re at it. Silly times.

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    1. Ms. Shoes: It does appear that I am flawed, which is to say imperfect, in the prognostication game. How great is that?! Perhaps there is hope for democracy in the United States. Maybe, could be. We’ll see.

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