Democrat Party at work

If you get your information from places like the NYT and CNN,* you likely are ignorant of many things. I am here to help.

The Biden Administration — I don’t just say Biden because he’s only a prop — has nominated a gal named Saule Omarova to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, whatever the Devil that is.

What’s noteworthy here is that she would be nominated at all. She favors eliminating all private bank accounts and deposits. This came out last March when she spoke at a conference entitled “Law and Political Economy: Democracy Beyond Neoliberalism.”

Neoliberalism is a fancy synonym for capitalism and, interestingly, is a very popular term in Mexico. Leftists use it willy-nilly to badmouth opponents. Our doofus president often refers to political opponents as neoliberals. It’s important to keep in mind that it means capitalists. If you oppose capitalism, we know what you are.

Make the economy equitable.

— Saule Omarova

Omarova says her plan would — wait for it — “make the economy more equitable** for everyone.” She wants to eliminate all banks and transfer all deposits to the Federal Reserve, i.e. the government.

Yes, the Biden Administration wants to give this woman an important post. The nomination is, sensibly, facing opposition. Let us hope that neoliberal opposition prevails.

Read more about it here.


Gestapo at work

But let us move on to something else, today’s FBI which recently conducted a pre-dawn raid with 10 agents, spotlights and a battering ram on the home of James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas.

His “crime” had something to do with a diary of Sleepy Joe’s daughter that O’Keefe had legally obtained and long since turned over to law enforcement. So the raid was not about that at all. It was about intimidation.

You can read more about it here.

It resembled the 2019 raid at the home of Roger Stone. Pre-dawn, 29 agents, 17 vehicles, guns drawn and a battering ram at the ready. Stone’s alleged crime? Mass murder? Terrorism?

No. It was lying to the FBI.

But again, the sole reason for that raid was intimidation. Terrorism from the Deep State. I always hesitate to use words like Nazi, racist, Gestapo because those are the common epithets of the Left. But Gestapo really seems to fit here. Gestapo tactics.

Stone, 66 years old with white hair, was hauled off in cuffs. That’s an FBI emblem above. It says Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.

It’s a fine time to live in Mexico.


* The mouthpieces of the Democrat/Socialist Party.

** For the slow among us, equitable means equal outcome as opposed to equal opportunity. Equity can only be done by government force.

10 thoughts on “Democrat Party at work

    1. Ms. Shoes: No surprise there. Thanks for the details. From the looks of her, she might be one of Mao’s illegitimate daughters.

      But this nomination is nothing new for the Democrats. Recall Van Jones who, at the start of the Obama Administration, was a “czar” of something or other. He did not last long, however. It came out that he had praised Mao at a public event. Obama was forced to fire him, but not for praising Mao, of course. It was due to the publicity. Almost concurrently, another high Obama official, a woman whose name escapes me, was also fired early on in Obama’s first year, and it was for the same reason: Praising Mao.


  1. Omarova is a nut. I doubt if Americans on either side of the aisle would go along with transferring all their savings to the Fed.
    The raid on O’Keefe was purely political as was the one on Roger Stone. They will not stop until anyone associated with Donald Trump is in jail or bankrupt. They nearly destroyed Michael Flynn and now they’ve got Steve Bannon on more bogus charges. Yes. It is a great time to be in Mexico.

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    1. Brent: Normally, when I hear conservatives accuse Democrats of being communist, I just ignore it. Socialist is correct quite often, but communist is at another, worse, level. But it appears this woman does qualify, and the important issue is that she was nominated for an important financial post in the Biden Administration. Freaking incredible. Also incredible is the high number of citizens who still identify as Democrats. I hope most of them simply are not paying attention and/or are getting their “news” from the mainstream media.


  2. “Normalize” seems to be a favorite word used by the American Left when talking about things that they don’t like. Yet here they are “normalizing” the use of the FBI as a weapon against their political enemies. This leads to no good place. Worse, the mainstream “misleadia” is doing its best to ignore the arrest of Igor Danchenko and the mounting evidence that Trump/Russia “collusion” was nothing more than Hillary Clinton weaponizing the FBI against a duly elected president and literally poisoning the well for four long years, all to serve her own inflated ego. When this story is finally written and visible to all, this will go down in the halls of “worse than Watergate” as “The Worst Since Watergate.” Richard Nixon looks like a relative amateur compared to her.

    I’m so sad to be writing this.


    Kim G
    Ajijic, Jal
    Where I was recently at a dinner party where someone stated (to much agreement) that presidents had zero impact on the economy. Said someone wasn’t too happy when I pointed out that they all campaigned on the exact opposite thesis.


    1. Kim: You think the considerable evidence that the Hillary Gang was behind the Russia Collusion Hoax will ever be known to most people? I rather doubt it. I hope you are correct. As for presidents not having any effect on the economy, let’s just look at Sleepy Joe’s pipeline closures which put the U.S. back on the foreign-oil tit. Gas prices up! The federal government affects the economy a lot.

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