Talking with Kyle

Here’s a revealing interview with Kyle Rittenhouse, which presents a very different picture from that we’ve received from most of the media for over a year.

Here are some facts you would not have seen on the mainstream media. His gun was legally owned. He went to the scene to help protect a commercial car lot from rioters. He was attacked by rioters, some of whom were also armed, and in the ensuing melee he killed two of the attackers and wounded a third, all in self-defense. The rioters he shot were white, not black, so cries of racism are null and void.

Let’s take a look at the deceased.

  1. Joseph Rosenbaum was a convicted child molester who had spent 14 years in an Arizona prison during which time he committed dozens of disciplinary infractions. At the time of his death, he had pending charges in Wisconsin of domestic abuse and jumping bail.
  2. Anthony Huber had chased Rittenhouse and clobbered him on the back of the head with a skateboard. Rittenhouse in turn clobbered Huber with a bullet to the chest. Huber, like Rosenbaum, was a criminal who had been convicted of domestic abuse and also had been imprisoned for strangling his brother.

The third man shot by Rittenhouse, a bullet to the bicep, was Gaige Grosskreutz. He had approached Rittenhouse during the melee with a pistol in hand that he admitted pointing at Rittenhouse. Grosskreutz had a permit for his gun but it was, alas, expired. Kinda like Rosenbaum and Huber. Expired.

Another famous teenager, Nick Sandmann, also slandered by the mainstream media, sued CNN and The Washington Post, and won fat payouts. Sandmann currently has active lawsuits against other arms of the leftist mainstream media. May he grow filthy rich from doing that.

Rittenhouse will follow Sandmann’s example. May he also grow filthy rich from lawsuits against the leftist media’s lies.

P.S. If you still vote for Democrats, seek help.

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  1. This is interesting. I knew absolutely nothing about this case. I don’t ever remember reading about it when it happened, and I immediately assumed the victims were black. So I would have been a perfect juror. At the time the jury arrived at a verdict, I assumed he would be found guilty. So I was very surprised at the verdict. I guess subconsciously I was convinced by the media that he was guilty. But I seldom watch the news on Fox. I have yet to find a news outlet that I fully trust.


    1. Phil: Oh, dear me. So you are a textbook example of how the mainstream media, i.e. the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, deceives the public. And you’re a smart guy. Think of all the nincompoops who buy into their nefarious ways. Looking for a reliable news source? It’s hard to find on commercial TV. Fox News used to be fairly reliable, but it’s far less so now. I am referring to their straight-news division. Fox’s commentators on the opinion side are much more reliable, especially the wonderful Tucker Carlson.

      I get my news mostly from the internet. Breitbart is good. On cable news, Newsmax is good. And you can never go wrong with Tucker Carlson’s nightly reports.


  2. At worst, Kyle was a misguided Good Samaritan. I honestly don’t understand the Left’s hatred of him. Sure, he should have been home studying. As should have been all the rioters. I’m all for peaceful protest, even for ridiculous causes (Jacob Blake). But the minute you start torching buildings and damaging property, you lose all my sympathy.

    And all of the characters that Kyle shot were pretty odious folks all around. Child rapist, child abuser, and someone illegally carrying a weapon. Why hasn’t that last guy been charged? I thought the Left-wingers were all about prosecuting gun crimes. Not charging Grosskreutz seems like hypocrisy writ large.


    Kim G
    Ajijic, Jalisco
    Where many Mexican friends seem ok with cartel members getting away with carrying guns but the good folks being forbidden them.


  3. Good Samaritan is indeed a good description. He didn’t believe what was going on should have been going on. The left hates him because he didn’t shoot the police or people just trying to protect their property from the protesters, i.e. rioters.

    Gaige was not charged with anything as long as he testified against Kyle, including his second impaired-driving charge. Some of the fake news is still spreading fake news. Others, like CNN, are trying to distance themselves from the fake news they spread to get out of lawsuits. Hopefully, he and Nick will soon own the network from the payouts for the lawsuits.


    1. Kirk: I may be mistaken, but I think it was Gaige Grosskreutz, put on the stand by the prosecution, who ended up confirming what the defense said. A big whoopsie for the prosecution. Yes, it would be lovely to know that Kyle ended up as part owner of CNN. Of course, that will not happen, but I hope the payoff is sufficiently large that CNN and other media feel the financial pain.


      1. Yes, on the stand under oath (not on a TV talk show) Grosskreuz admitted that Rittenhouse didn’t fire on him until he pointed his gun at him. That’s what pretty much lost the case for the prosecution.

        I followed this case via a bunch of online lawyers (Rekieta Law, Viva Frie, LegalInsurrection) and they all said that both the prosecution and defense lawyers were incredibly incompetent. And I noticed this too in the clips I saw. Putting Rittenhouse on the stand was a big gamble that they probably didn’t need to make.


        1. Kim: The entire event was driven by politics. As the many videos of what happened clearly showed, it was self-defense. As for Grosskreuz, he’s lucky to be alive. And last week I saw a YouTube video from a cop’s body cam of GrossKreuz being pulled over for drunk driving. His future does not seem bright in any definition of that word.

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  4. Interesting comment on our society in these current times.
    These videos are plain-spoken truth.

    There still exists a large number of us who will stand up and defend ourselves.

    P.S. I hope Rittenhouse becomes richer than Bezos at the expense of the media.


      1. Kyle is unlikely to become rich. While he can still sue for defamation, typically once you’ve been accused of a crime, even if found not guilty later, you don’t really have damage claims. The idea is that the accusation has already hurt your reputation as much as possible, and thus those defaming you aren’t doing incremental damage. Obviously, this is up to a jury, but the history of such cases suggests that Rittenhouse is unlikely to get much out of lawsuits.

        His mother, on the other hand, could well sue successfully for defamation since she was not accused of a crime, yet equally defamed in the press.

        Check out the analysis by VivaFrei on YouTube for more details.


        Kim G


        1. Kim: Interesting. Did not know that. Well, anyway, I hope he gets as much as he can from the leftist malcriados. I have watched VivaFrei on occasion, but he usually rambles on too long for me. I have a short attention span more suited to USA Today.


  5. Justice was served. The Tucker interview was superb. Kyle is intelligent and poised. The left is completely deranged and Kyle should make lots of money settling with the decrepit media. As someone suggested, Kyle and Nick Sandman can divvy up CNN and MSNBC when the lawsuits are settled. And old Joe has to answer for defaming Kyle. Not even an apology, just more doubling down.

    Meanwhile Canada is going to the dogs with wokeness:
    and this:


    1. Brent: I was quite surprised at how composed Rittenhouse is, considering his age. Very impressive.

      Canada is going to the dogs with wokeness? Indeed it is. Sad.

      By the way, your comment went to moderation because of the links.


      1. I figured that. And we just made an offer on a townhouse and it was accepted. The first step towards moving to Mexico! Woohoo!


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