The Oppression Olympics

The Moon strives to uplift society, bring enlightenment to the masses, clarity to the confused, joy to the disgruntled, relief to the chained. One route to this is education, much of which can be found online in our modern world.

Here is one example, two smart fellows who, like myself, once were Democrat voters, but clarity descended upon them. I hope that clarity will descend upon you too because I care.

Perhaps it already has. It’s a lovely feeling.

9 thoughts on “The Oppression Olympics

  1. All I can say is thank you for caring and enlightning those who have their heads up their ass and can’t think clearly anymore.


  2. You would appreciate this article I found on the Epoch Times. Just look up “The Liberal’s Hard Choice” by Mark Bauerlein. And who are these photos in your post? You and someone else?




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