Felipe Zapata is a nom de plume.

After working 30 years as a newspaper copy editor (New Orleans, Puerto Rico and Houston), I retired at 55 in December 1999, chucked all my stuff, packed two suitcases the following month, and flew to Mexico alone.

I knew no one and spoke no Spanish. Plus, I had done no planning to speak of, only that I would be attending a language school.

I have since married (third time’s the charm), become a Mexican citizen, built a big home painted red on the outskirts of a Colonial town high in the Sierra and learned español.

Though I write about Mexico, I prefer to address other topics, primarily political and cultural issues from a common-sense perspective. I am politically conservative with no church element, which is to say a sort of libertarian. I support drug legalization for adults, abortion rights (with limits) and euthanasia.

Contrary to popular opinion, I see these as conservative stances.

Were I to embrace an organized religion, which I don’t, it would be Buddhism.

Often I refer to my wife here as my child bride. She was born when I was in the 11th grade. It was a big gap then. Not so much anymore.

This website is fact, fiction and opinion stirred in an odd pot.

* * * *

Tidbit: The real Felipe Zapata was the son of Gen. Emiliano Zapata. Little Felipe died at the age of 5 from a snake bite. And his daddy died at the age of 39 from gunfire.

* * * *

Email: legalmexican@fastmail.com

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