The political pandemic

Unseen Moon contributing editor Simon Webb takes a look at Kung Flu deaths in England/Wales, one of the places that reacted particularly hysterically to the current pandemic. Masks, lockdowns, arrests, public shaming, etc.

He provides a link to government statistics stretching back to 1990 that show the death rate in many earlier years was even higher than that of 2020, the first year of the pandemic when, if you believed the media and government, dead bodies were all over the place.

However, in those previous years the population did not collapse into bug-eyed horror. Life went on as usual. Well, if you weren’t one of those who died, something we all do in time.

Though the figures he cites are from England and Wales, I suspect the stats in other nations are similar. As Webb says in the video’s conclusion, what caused the air of terror and hysteria?

Is this a political pandemic? Are dark forces at play?

‘Diversity is our strength’*

It’s always a hoot when I can combine one of my favorite fellows, the brilliant Dr. Thomas Sowell, with one of my favorite topics, diversity, or rather the imbecility of promoting diversity, i.e. multiculturalism.

Here, Dr. Sowell addresses the topic of diversity and how almost everyone kowtows to it like a numbskull religion without knowing diddley-squat about how it plays out in real life.

Last October, Moon Contributing Editor Simon Webb provided historical evidence of the horrible effects of promoting multiculturalism. You can read that here.


*When you hear someone say that, know that his cup is only half-full.

The black crackers

I come from Cracker roots, a flatland, southwest Georgia sort of Hillbilly. I remember red-clay roads, mule-hauled wagons, segregated buses and schools, Hereford cows in pastures, cotton fields and black laborers who lived in unpainted shacks, and who pulled water from underground with hand-cranked pumps made of cast iron.

I remember all that and more like it was yesterday.

And most of it has vanished now.

Gone With The Wind.

Above is a video from the Thomas Sowell channel. It focuses on us Southerners, both black and white, and the traits we’ve shared. It offers a compelling explanation for today’s ghetto culture.

America is all up in arms these days about race. It’s a Democrat Party-fueled crisis that normal people of all colors are quite content to put behind us, if only it were permitted.

The obsession with blacks nowadays is so pervasive that it enters the realm of absurdity. And it’s not just America. It’s Europe too, especially Great Britain. Moon Contributing Editor Simon Webb below briefly addresses the irrational focus on blacks that he sees across the pond.

The sequel Webb mentions in the above video follows. He addresses the importance of attitude and how it affects your life.

The Unmagnificent Eleven

Democrat Party mouthpiece CNN thinks Joe may not be the best option for the 2024 presidential election. He’s old. He’s senile. And he often misreads his teleprompter. So CNN offers a list of 11 alternatives, a list so bizarre and laughable my eyes cannot cease rolling back into my skull.

Let’s call them the Unmagnificent Eleven.

Four of these folks I never even heard of, but we’ll judge them by the company they keep — on this dismal list.

Since CNN is a Democrat Party mouthpiece one must conclude these are the people the Democrats are actually considering when either (1) Joe kicks the bucket or (2) he gets tossed over the rail, his utility having come to an inglorious end.

Here is CNN’s wacky list:

  1. Kamala “Cackles” Harris.
  2. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.
  3. Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren.
  4. Sen. Amy Klobuchar.
  5. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper.
  6. Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu.
  7. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo.
  8. Michigan Gov. Gretchen “Oily Face” Whitmer.
  9. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy.
  10. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker.
  11. Stacey “Never Concede!” Abrams of Georgia.

That “Cackles” Harris — a woman so spectacularly unlikable and unsavory that she washed out rapidly from the Democrat presidential primaries — leads that list mocks logic. Even many — maybe most — Democrats dislike her.

It’s a grand time to live in Mexico.