Beanies and Bedlam

THE FORMER freckled blonde and current soul sistah named Rachel Dolezal has been all over the news due to her identifying.

In olden and saner times, Dolezal would be tied to a table at Bedlam, but these days she’s on television, an international celebrity feted as though she were not actually sporting a beanie with propeller.

beanieDolezal is the latest example of the fad of identifying, something quite popular among youth, the leaders of tomorrow.

No matter if you’re born a boy, you can always change teams tomorrow or the next day. What does it matter if your hair is blonde? You can frizz it, overstay at tanning salons and proclaim your African roots, maybe even get voted president of the NAACP somewhere.

It’s fun to watch America from my Mexican mountaintop, and I rejoice I’m not elsewhere, above the Rio Bravo.