National self-flagellation

whipTHERE’S BEEN a move afoot in the United States by leftist citizens for decades now to paint the nation as a bad boy.

This is silly.

Let’s look at just two elements.

First, The slavery thing and the issue of reparations. I’d wager than 98 percent of American blacks think only blacks have been slaves. Probably 88 percent of whites think the same.

This is egregious ignorance. Slavery has existed through most of human history, and it has existed in most corners of the world. And it still exists today, primarily in Mohammedan areas, especially North Africa.

Slavery existed in ancient Rome, both the Republic and the Empire, and most of those slaves were white because they were captured in what is now modern Europe.

I’m considering a class-action suit against Rome because I want reparations for what was done to my white ancestors. I feel aggrieved and disrespected. Would you like to join me in the effort? Get in touch. Maybe we can really score.

Second, the conquest thing. Few have suggested reparations for American Indians. Pocahontas Warren has, but she would, wouldn’t she? But we’re supposed to feel guilty because for what the United States did to the tribes, which was nasty, I admit.

But perfectly normal.

Again, if you think conquest of other people, both near and far, is something the conquerors’ descendants should be losing sleep over, you are not only ignorant of history but of human nature to boot. This is what we do, what we’ve always done.

If you’ve never been enslaved or even conquered, count yourself lucky because that’s the way the world works, and it’s what strong people do to weaker ones.

As for the United States, it’s done much more good than bad. Focus on that.

America is far better than average. Pretty nice folks.

* * * *

(Note: A previous post, Nincompoopery about slavery, from 20 months ago, touched on the slavery misunderstanding but not the issue of conquest. FYI.)

Slandering of America

BEEN FOLLOWING the news lately?

If you have, you’ve no doubt heard, time after sickening time, that America is a nation steeped in “white supremacy.” That accusation is being tossed about liberally, pardon the expression, by people who desperately want to denigrate the U.S. and our history.

To them, Dylann Roof is far more than an evil psycho who slaughtered innocents in a Charleston church. He is, to America-bashers, a natural consequence of our “white supremacist” culture — driven to kill by his hatred of blacks and his love of the Confederate flag.

The misguided people using Charleston to denounce America should answer a simple question: Why are so many “people of color,” to use that trendy phrase, clamoring to move to the U.S.? Are they ignorant, masochistic or blind? Perhaps all of the above?

flagNever mind the tens of millions of Mexicans who have found their way north. What about the immigrants from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and other black nations in sub-Saharan Africa?

According to a report put out by the pro-immigration Migration Policy Institute, “Black Africans are among the fastest-growing groups of U.S. immigrants.” In fact, the number of blacks moving from Africa to the U.S. doubled over the past decade.

Again, why are they so eager to come to a country where “white supremacy” rules? It would be akin to black Africans migrating to South Africa in the heyday of Apartheid.

These black immigrants are living proof that many on the left are flat-out lying about America. Lying on a nightly basis, lying with impunity, lying without any fear of being challenged by our sniveling, cowardly media.

Our opinion-shapers deserve credit for accomplishing something truly astounding. Thanks to them, it is now considered racially insensitive to describe America as a “land of opportunity.” If you want respect and tenure at a prestigious university, forget that “opportunity” stuff and start talking about “white supremacy.” Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Consider a few of the ridiculous statements put out by academic types on national TV over the past week. “We are a society that values white people over people of color.” … “We are mired in prejudice and racism.” … “The source of the problem is white supremacy.”

The hosts and the anchors tend to nod in passive agreement, terrified of challenging the slander and thus being accused of racism themselves. Yes, we have reached a very strange point where running down your own country is considered a badge of honor, a sign of intelligence and sophistication.

This shameful episode is more proof of the adage put forth by ol’ Mark Twain: “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Well, right now the truth is standing in its bare feet while a bare-faced lie is being spread around the globe.

The truth is evident to most clear-thinking Americans. Our nation, like all others, is flawed. Many of our forefathers condoned slavery, brutalized American Indians, and looked the other way when racial discrimination was codified by law.

More truth: There are still anti-black bigots in the U.S., but it is a grotesque lie to claim the country is defined by them. They wield little influence and power; they are generally dismissed as solitary losers. Even when one of them, namely Dylann Roof, takes out his gun and becomes a terrorist.

Roof’s carnage inspired the very best in many precincts. There was the immediate and incredible willingness of many Christians, particularly black Christians, to offer forgiveness. The act of terror also brought out America’s worst — the politicians and pundits who seem almost gleeful now that they have another opportunity to diminish this country.

When it comes to race and America, not only do many on the left see the glass as half-empty, they’re certain it’s about to fall and small into thousands of shards that will injure people. And most of the victims will, of course, be minorities.

Sadly, the race hustlers and liars are winning the war of words right now. They will continue to win unless and until truth-tellers fight back. Yes, we may get labeled bigots or worse, but the truth is on our side: This is the greatest, most welcoming and most diverse country in the history of the planet Earth.

The U.S. remains a land of opportunity. But don’t ask an Ivy League humanities professor about that. Ask a Nigerian cab driver or a Kenyan scientist. They know the real truth about the United States of America.

* * * *

The above is The Unseen Moon’s first-ever guest column. It was authored by Bill O’Reilly of Fox News.

Granny’s farm

AS MENTIONED a time or three, I spent much of my youth at Granny’s house, actually living there full-time my first six years.

It was my grandfather’s house too, but he died when I was 12, so I associate the house primarily with my grandmother, my mother’s mother.

The whole lot of us — me, my older sister, my mother and father — lived on the farm right after World War II. I wonder what my grandparents thought of that, having daughter come home with a family in tow.

Fortunately, there were three bedrooms in the big, clapboard house, which was built around 1890 by Granny’s father, a fabulously wealthy farmer who was named Dard Moree.

After moving to Jacksonville, Florida, just before I started the Second Grade, we returned often to visit. My mother was an only child, you see, and you know how that goes. Powerful parental connections.

I often think of this place and those days that were so different.

One of my favorite pastimes was to take walks. This was a 500-acre farm, mind you, and the house was set more or less in the northeast quadrant. Usually, I would take these walks alone, and there were two ways to go. Forward from the house was one, and behind the house was the other.

* * * *


pumpLet’s go forward first. The house faced a dirt road that went from the Five Points General Store a few miles to the right to the bustling metropolis of Sylvester, Georgia, to the left, passing first through a few inconsequential settlements and one gas station.

Walking off the front porch, crossing that road (which today is a paved highway) you were facing a field that sloped downward to a narrow creek about a quarter mile away. I don’t remember much ever being in that field, sometimes a horse, but we didn’t do horses. We did cows.

The creek ran, more or less, parallel to the dirt road above and, as is often the case, the creek had trees lining its edges. It was a very small creek that you could leap across or step over using stones or confused tree roots.

Greenery of all sorts loves a good creek.

So I would walk down to the creek just because it was cool in the summer, which is the season I spent most time there after moving to Florida, and there were minnows to watch. Turtles too at times.

And the sound of the water, which was incredibly clear, passing over and around those confused tree roots and stones.

It was simply a fine place to be.

That was the forward walk, a pretty simple proposition, but it sits well in my memory, and I wish I could do it again, but I cannot.

Then there’s the backward walk.

* * * *


At a right angle to the dirt road, there was a set of two parallel ruts formed by tires of pickups and tractors (We had Ford tractors.) that formed an even simpler road that ran along the house’s left side, going behind, and continued to the pond and beyond to plenty of corn.

cowAs you walked along these tire ruts, there was a large grove of pecan trees to the right, plus the really humongous chicken house (abandoned when we left), plus a storage/tractor shed.

On the left was a field that usually contained Hereford cows. They grazed there, but they also hung out under the pecans because there was no fence. I say cows, but there always was one bull because, well, you know.

Like Route 1, this consisted of about a quarter mile too. Then, if you continued ahead, you’d come to a broad expanse of corn rows that went on and on. You can get lost in a corn field, you know, but not forever.

But just before the corn started and the pecan grove ended, you could angle down to the left, heading northwest on your walk, down what was usually a broad gully that ended at the pond, which was named Wavering.

* * * *


This pond, it seems, has been there for centuries. Local lore has it — and maybe it’s true — that a last battle between nasty “old” white men and noble “Native Americans” took place on the shores of Waving Pond.

babyNot so much a battle as a rout, it is said — the “Native Americans” fared badly — and that those Indians hightailed it out of there so fast that a baby was left behind hanging from a tree limb.

According to the story, the baby was adopted and raised by a loving, white family to be a good Christian who ate at a pine table with forks and knives and napkins and good manners.

And that is the story.

* * * *


The pond is about two acres, which is to say very large, a lake, actually. You cannot see from one end to the other, but that’s due more to the proliferation of towering cypress trees than it is to sheer distance.

There was always a rowboat waiting there, pulled out of the water and tied with a rope, and two oars. I traveled many a day in that boat, looking over the rail into the murky water where lurked snakes, turtles and fish.

My mother swam there in the 1920s and 1930s, diving from a board nailed high on a cypress tree. But I never jumped into those dark waters.

You never knew what you could encounter.

I’m not sure anyone knew the pond’s source, the overgrowth and trees made it difficult to pinpoint one, but I did my best to find it. There were arms of water that would veer off at certain points, but you could only go so far in that rowboat before you were blocked by fallen limbs.

There were other places to walk on Granny’s farm, of course. Just going out into the pecan grove to scoop fallen nuts was good eating, and there was a third walk, also across the dirt road — but farther to the right — that would take you to huge fields of peanuts and cotton that had truck ruts through the middle that made for fine walking in summer’s sun.

* * * *


But before leaving Wavering Pond, here’s the only photo I can find of it. I tossed so much when I left Houston, too much. This is Cap, who was Granny’s handyman for decades and all through my childhood.

He and his wife, Willie, our maid, lived in a mighty humble house provided by my grandparents just across the road and down a bit. He’s baiting a fishhook on the edge of Wavering Pond.

Cap loved whisky and never uttered a word more than necessary. He died when I was in my mid-20s. My father found him on the floor. I have no clue how old Cap was. Regrettably, we took him for granted.

Cap was the in-between generation, between Reconstruction and the Civil Rights Movement, between President Grant and President Johnson.

And he liked to fish in Wavering Pond.


Defective defender


THE NINCOMPOOPS have stormed the academy and the government. Not all governments, mind you, just those run by the NDP*

NDP stalwarts like Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, Barry Obama, Samuel L. Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Rachel Maddow, entire liberal arts faculties in Ivy League universities, the NAACP, the ACLU, Sarah Silverman, “the Reverend” Jeremiah Wright (Quote: “Goddamn America!) — oh, the list is so long — will tell you that America is an evil oppressor that invades innocent nations.

This is all poppycock.

People who believe this, and they are many, simply do not know history.

(Aside: A cable TV news crew headed to the beach for Spring Break recently and quizzed the young people, most of whom were students at the University of Maryland: “Who was George Washington? Who was president during the Civil War? Whom did we fight in World War II? What was the Cold War about? The Revolutionary War was against what nation?  Who won the Civil War?”  Almost no one knew!)

Americans know little of the past, theirs or anyone else’s.

And yet zealots of the NDP, having taken over the academy and much of government, have convinced people, especially clueless youth, that America is bad and has done bad things. Sure, bad things have been done, but far more good things were done. Far more.

Tip of the day: All nations sometimes do stuff they shouldn’t. America has done far less bad stuff than most.

Start at the beginning of the last century. America reluctantly entered World War I, putting an end to the ongoing bloodbath and stalemate in the trenches. Then the doughboys came home. A bit over 20 years later, Hitler decided to take over the world. Tojo and his pals decided to take over Asia. Without warning, Hitler invaded his European neighbors. Without warning, Tojo attacked Pearl Harbor.

(Aside to PC types: Hitler was a white guy. Tojo was not. Lesson: Bad dudes come in all colors and eye shapes.)

America entered the European and Asian wars by necessity, a question of survival. After defeating Germany, America initiated the Marshall Plan, a massive aid program (U.S. taxpayer dollars) that played a primary role in rebuilding the crushed European economies. In Germany, the United States put it back on its feet, establishing democracy. Japan got the same American postwar gift. Then the GIs came home, leaving some in Europe to counter Soviet communism. Someone had to do it.

After nuking the Japs! … you say. This is a common complaint of collectivists, the PC people of the NDP. Yes, the Japs got nuked, but consider this: Who attacked whom in 1941? What military was the most brutal of World War II? Not the Germans but the Japanese who were heartless murderers far beyond normal military necessities. Ask the people of Nanking and Bataan. The Nazis were pussycats in comparison.

The Japanese would not surrender. They almost invariably preferred death to the white flag, no matter the hopeless odds. The book to read is With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa. It will turn your stomach. Harry Truman faced two choices: a land invasion of the Japanese homeland, which would have killed thousands more American soldiers. Or drop the bombs.

He did the right thing.

* * * *

That brings us into the postwar era, the late 1940s, which is when the Cold War began.

Communism, a totalitarian philosophy, had seized a huge chunk of global real estate. Red China and the Soviet Union may not have made up half of the world, but they came pretty darn close. This was very worrying to the United States, a land of liberty.

This is the context of Korea, (the Domino Theory, which seems like hula hoops and miniskirts now, but was a very reasonable idea in its day), Vietnam and U.S. incursions in Central America, the Caribbean, Chile, etc. America did not want communism to spread, and it took harsh (and understandable at the time) measures to prevent it, sometimes allying itself with right-wing dictators. It was self-preservation.

Again, this made good sense at the time. It is only in retrospect, now that communism has imploded, that it’s easy to take pot shots at the thinking in those days. By the way, I’ll take a right-wing dictator over communist despotism any day. And so would you.

* * * *

America murdered the Indians and stole their land. It also stole a sizable chunk of Mexico. Yes, it did, almost two centuries ago. At the same time, before and after, nations and peoples were invading neighbors, seizing land, oppressing folks, in Africa, Asia, Europe, all over the place. And people of all colors. The United States has never cornered the market in these activities. But it quit long, long ago.

By the way, if you think American Indians were peace-loving environmentalists, the book to read is Empire of the Summer Moon. Have a barf bag nearby or a cast-iron stomach. Those (non-white) Comanches were real cutups! And not just to white people who, of course, had it coming, you say. Indian tribes were at each other’s throats long before whitey came along. They were real nasty.

Anyway, it’s ancient history. But the partisans of the NDP love to point to it, as they love to point even further back to the 12th century Crusades (!) to illustrate the brutality of Christianity, no different than today’s Mohammedan atrocities, they claim. Sure … 900 years ago.

* * * *

America invades countries for oil! Well, yeah, if need be. If America did not do it, somebody else would have to do it. Alas, oil is the building block of the world’s economy. Without oil, we’d all be back in the 17th century. Unfortunately, much of the world’s oil sits in nations ruled by Mohammedans, an unruly lot in the best of times.

It rests below ground in other parts of the world too, but environmentalists put up obstacles. Not in their backyard.

There are other options. I favor nuclear power, which would help, but it’s also opposed by tree-huggers. Only a workable, generally acceptable alternative to oil will cancel the need to occasionally invade for oil.

* * * *

Americans and most Europeans are a flaccid, spoiled collection of fun-loving children focused on high-tech toys. Virtually no one alive today under the age of 80 has known famine, falling bombs, collapsing buildings, sliced throats, blown-off limbs, invasions of their homeland. But these things are well-known in the human experience. Just not recently. And why not? America is why not.

Since we don’t know history, as those Maryland students stunningly demonstrated, we not only have not suffered these horrors, we don’t know that they ever existed anywhere. We live in a fantasy world, and we’re easily duped.

*  * *  *

Nations and peoples have never lived in peaceful coexistence, and they never will. There will always be a top dog, regionally or globally, a keeper of the peace (or not) by its overwhelming presence. Since the mid-20th century, the United States has filled that global position, and it’s done an excellent — if imperfect — job. Some single power will hold that post. It won’t be a multicultural coalition of utopian tree-huggers.

It will be some big, beefy individual who eats raw meat.

America sits in the catbird seat now. Count your blessings. The alternatives are far worse.

* * * *

* The New Democratic Party, which is quite different from the old Democratic Party. Barry is the face of the NDP. Much of the federal government is run by the NDP. Ditto for many states and cities like stone-broke California and dead-broke Detroit and violence-wracked Chicago. You want a solvent, peaceful entity, go where conservatives win elections and govern.