The dawn of autumn

Wheelbarrow and tools await instructions.

There were indications yesterday, but this morning confirmed it. Sunshine and 70 degrees. I skipped my customary exercise walk around the neighborhood plaza, choosing instead to get some yard chores completed.

I declare the rainy season done for 2020. It normally continues into October, even beyond, but I don’t think that’s going to be the case this year. I remember one year that it rained on September 30, and that was the end of it. I bet we’re seeing something similar now.

¡Qué bueno!

I put on my tennis shoes and my long-sleeve T-shirt due to the sun. I trimmed one of the bougainvilleas back. I whacked the stand of bananas. I scrubbed the birdbath and filled it with fresh water. Related to that is the location change of the galvanized tub where water waits for terraza watering purposes.

During the rainy season it sits under a drain pipe from the roof, endlessly refilled. Today, I moved it to its winter position under a faucet from a water tank in the Garden Patio.

New digs for the water tub.

I dug up some weeds. I trimmed sagging roses abutting the Alamo Wall. My child bride mixed me a glass of green juice with collagen.

Fall was my favorite season above the border because the contrast with summer was so stark. It’s less of a switch on my mountaintop, but it’s still delightful. Delight has been in short supply this year, one of the worst of my — and likely yours too — life.

Hacienda birds enjoy this colorful spot.

After doing my duties, I sat a spell on a rocking chair in the downstairs terraza. I watched a hummingbird sitting on a twig of the orange bush. Then he took off to dine on aloe vera flowers. I took his cue and stepped inside for cereal.

First day of fall

AUTUMN’S ARRIVED, and it’s still raining. I shot the video yesterday from the bedroom. Yesterday also was my child bride’s birthday. She turned 59 though she still looks 40.

One more year, and she can get Mexico’s Old Folks Discount card, which I’ve had for years. That gets you into museums, etc., free most of the time, but its best feature is travel discounts, often 50 percent. The two of us will be able to use buses and planes for the price of one. Of course, we almost never use buses or planes, but we may rethink that habit.

Our last flight occurred in 2013. A trek to Mérida.

Just before that, 2012, a trek to Havana.

Nothing since, at least by air.

We celebrated the birthday with a lunch out and have a trip planned to Querétaro next weekend to continue the birthday festivities a full week. Among the thrilling activities planned for Querétaro will be a visit to the new H.E.B mega-supermarket which has traveled down from Texas. Perhaps we’ll see some Lipton tea.

Querétaro is one of Mexico’s best cities.

The rainy season has about a month to go, although it could stop on Oct. 1 as it did one year. Normally, however, it drags on into October and sometimes dumps rain on the eve of the Day of the Dead just to be annoying and muddy. Hope not.

The feel of fall

TWICE IN THE past week, I’ve noticed a feel of fall, which is odd because it’s cool here most of the time. But this feel was different. It felt like fall, which is still more than a week away.

fallDuring the 15-plus years I lived in Houston, the arrival of fall was a huge deal because summer was such a misery, weather-wise. The arrival of fall here is less notable, but it’s sweet to feel it anyway. At times, some of our leaves actually change color. Not spectacularly like they do in Atlanta, but it’s a nice touch.

In Houston, the arrival of autumn almost invariably happened on the 21st to 23rd of September, a very narrow time span. I defined the debut of fall, officially or not, as the arrival of the first front that dropped the temp to 59 or less.

It did not matter if the temperature rose above 60 later in the day or even to 70, the mere fact that it hit the 50s at dawn was good enough for me. It was exhilarating.

Autumn of the year takes on an additional significance for those in the fall of their lives, and even more so for those of us in chill winter with snow-white heads.

Time moves on and, with luck, we’re still around in springtime.

There’s no guarantee.

Sublime November

Very blue sky. And cool air.

NOVEMBER, ALWAYS the best month, almost there.


It feels like November even though it’s not quite yet.

I took these two photos this morning. A gentle breeze was ringing the wind chimes on the veranda. Earlier, inside the living room, I took the photo below. That’s sunlight.

Of course, The Unseen Moon has seen variations of these photos before — I am one to repeat, a core right of the geriatric set — but never before on the morning of 25 October of the year of the Goddess 2017.

Sunlight through yon window.