Demon cult

WHILE THERE are lots of Mohammedans in the United States who were born there, and practice Mohammedanism pretty much like, say, Methodists and Baptists embrace their religion because they were born into it, Mohammedans in the Mohammedan world are a very different slice of lamb.

It is a demon cult.

serveimageWestern leftists, to be politically correct and accepting, give it a pass, which is a suicidal approach.

The Democrat Party, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa come to mind.

Above and below are two brave women fleeing from the demon cult they were born into. If you make excuses for Mohammedanism, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Wise up and smell the bacon.

Life and death


THE HACIENDA lawn is large and contains many things to catch the eye. This caught my eye this morning and, being a sharing sort of guy, I’m sharing with you.

Here’s an interesting article that was brought to my attention today by a woman who prefers red shoes to bacon.

I, on the other hand, prefer bacon.

But I like red roses.