Gone, not forgotten

AS LEFTISTS continue to swoon, roll their eyeballs and riot in the streets over the presidency of Donald Trump, let us pause and gaze back at the Barry Obama years.

A tip of the sombrero to The Beltway Times for bringing this video to my attention.

Obama unraveling

These are giddy days for us Obama opponents.

Obama1. His IRS hunts down people with “unacceptable” political opinions. Think Joseph McCarthy.

2. His Justice Department grabs phone logs from The Associated Press. Think Joseph Goebbels.

3. His minions downplaying Benghazi, and deflecting blame from terrorists just months before last year’s election. Think disgusting.

4. A report this week indicates health-care premiums could go up by 400 percent* under ObamaCare. Think incompetence.

5. The White House is still foot-dragging on filling Cabinet posts in the second term. But who needs advisers when you’re king** and rule by decree?

One wonders if those who voted for Obama because he’s “black”*** and white America has done so many dreadful things****  remain happy?

* * * *

* Don’t worry. The average will be just 100 percent.

** Meanwhile, the queen is shaking her booty on late-night comedy TV or going glam at the Oscars.

*** He isn’t. He’s bi.

**** It hasn’t. Quite the contrary.