Meet Bevlyn Beatty

You’re gonna love this gal. I do. Two months ago, she was arrested in New York City for defacing the huge “Black Lives Matter” sign that had been painted on a New York City street with the approval of De Blasio’s leftist City Hall. To say Bev is not a supporter of De Blasio or BLM is to state it mildly. She is smarter than that.

She now has a YouTube channel with 117,000 subscribers, one of whom is me. There are only 12 videos to date. She is a successful business owner, from what I can make out, a very devout Christian, and she’s not a woman who keeps opinions to herself.

This 22 minutes will make you smile. It will make you laugh. And nod. Bev is not a fan of the victim mindset in the black community, the mindset encouraged by the Democrat Socialist Party. She is particularly critical of black men who consider themselves victims. She says they are girly men. Soy Boys. Really, I am not making this up.

The above video was made on August 30. The one below was released yesterday as she and a “partner in crime” were preparing to turn themselves into the police as requested. Bev has nothing but good things to say about the police. Blue Lives Matter to her.

The cops arrested her because they had no choice.

The second video ends with their playing Elvis’s rendition of Jailhouse Rock.