The stuff of sleep & memory

I HAVE TWO sleep positions. On my back and on my right side. I cannot sleep on my left side because my heartbeat disturbs me. It’s been this way for decades.

On my back, I tend to snore, which bothers my child bride, so I try to stay on my right side, but sometimes in the dead of night I flip on my back unintentionally.

I also require two pillows, a large and a small. My head rests normally on the large, and I clasp the small to my chest, hugging it. I wonder why I do this. Believing a good bit in reincarnation, it occurs to me that I might have been murdered once, perhaps with a knife, arrow or pike in my chest, and that deep memory lingers.

Being piked or knifed or arrowed once is sufficient for me.

There is evidence that memories of past lives lurk within.

I did, many years ago, a number of breathwork sessions with professionals. I did not get much out of them, with one exception. For no more than two or three seconds, I was inside what appeared to be a Medieval stone building. There was nothing dreamlike about it. It was plain as day, or night in that case. It was rather dark. But very real.

Maybe I hugged my chest pillow tighter that night. I do not recall.