Going poetic

MANY AMERICANS assume that since free speech is written into law in the United States the same right is available in European democracies.

On the contrary. You can be jailed in much of Europe for expressing an unapproved opinion.

The American version of this is being pelted with rotten tomatoes on elite university campuses.

One of my favorite guys is Bruce Bawer, a New York-born, gay writer who lives — since 1999 — with his best bud in Norway. Though he describes himself as liberal and has voted Democrat in the United States, he’s hard to categorize.

bawerBawer and I are in lockstep on the issue of Mohammedan “refugees.” Here is a poem he has published in Frontpage Mag:

* * * *

In Sønderberg the other day

A teenage girl used pepper spray
To rout a randy “refugee”
From somewhere far across the sea
Who threw down and molested her.
The cops arrested her.

As part of a jihadist plot,
A brute assailant took a shot
At a fine Copenhagen man
Who’d deprecated the Quran.
When the brave soul who’d nearly died
Then publicly identified
The thug who’d tried to kill him, he
Was charged with grave delinquency:
Breaching privacy.

In Mölndal, a Somali teen
Plunged a long blade into the spleen
Of a young Swedish altruist
Who’d yearned to do one thing: assist.
The land’s top cop went on TV
And trumpeted his sympathy.
For the poor girl who’d lost her life?
No. For the kid with the knife.

At one time it was understood
That a devotion to the good
Didn’t mean one should be blind
To evil, or pretend to find
Some virtue in sheer villainy.
To see what isn’t there to see
Is not a sign of rectitude.
To point out evil isn’t rude;
To fight it is good.

You can’t, however hard you try,
Mistake for a speck in the eye
A loaded Uzi in the hands
Of some rough beast from foreign sands
Intent on taking out a child.
You’ll win no points for being mild
To members of a desert creed
That seeks to make the heathen bleed
And preaches that the kind and meek
Are contemptibly weak.

Christ said to turn the other cheek.
But what if it’s not just your cheek?

* * *  *

Bawer’s books include Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom, The New Quislings and While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam Is Destroying the West from Within.

Nutty Norway

Viking vessel
The Norwegian navy on patrol

Nobody thinks about Norway much. Both London and New York harbor more people each than all of Norway.

We think of Norway, when we think of it at all, which ain’t much, as being another of those peripheral places, kinda like Canada, where nice people live and mind their own business, relying on more robust nations for protection.

Imagine my shock on learning that creepy little Norway is a hotbed of political correctness, speech police and oppression of opinion.

Who told me this? Bruce Bawer via his engaging book The New Quislings. Vidkun Quisling, you may recall, led the Nazi puppet government of Norway during World War II, and his name has become a synonym for traitor.

The focus of Bawer’s book is the 2011 rampage of a lunatic named Anders Behring Breivik who bombed government buildings in Oslo, killing eight, but that was just a diversion. He then went to a political indoctrination camp* full of adolescents on a Norwegian island where he shot 69 people dead.

If only someone else had been armed.

Like many maniacs, Breivik wrote a manifesto. Breivik’s version reveals his numerous motives. He is angry at political correctness, feminism, and lax immigration laws that welcome Mohammedans, who often go directly on welfare.

He is angry at lots of things, mostly the left-wing mindset.

The manifesto makes it quite clear that Breivik’s motivation was extreme nationalism. He was channeling his inner Viking.

The manifesto reveals, among many things, that, though Breivik was not even a church-goer, he admires the Christian tradition that has bolstered his culture for centuries. He correctly views the Mohammedan mind as oppressive.

Norwegian flagThe Mohammedan-embracing, multiculture-huckstering, diversity-loving, leftist Norwegian media grabbed this detail and labeled Breivik a Christian extremist though that wasn’t his motivation.

This false notion caught on rapidly and spread.

Breivik has been convicted and sent to prison. Given Norway’s soft-headed laws, it is conceivable, though unlikely, that he could be released one day.

The biggest blowback of Breivik’s rampage, and certainly not what he intended, is that it’s now even more verboten in Norway to criticize the increasing Mohammedan presence or to speak badly of Mohammedans in any fashion.

Norway’s politically correct culture has made them a protected species. “Sensitivity” now reigns more than ever.

Meanwhile, Mohammedans hunker down in their neighborhoods, uninterested in assimilation and loathing the culture of the Norwegians who love them.

This phenomenon is growing in other parts of Europe. The Scandinavians seem especially susceptible to this nuttiness.

* * * *

* The youth indoctrination camps of Norway’s ruling Labor Party are not so unlike those run by Soviets and Nazis in their heydays.

(Note: Bruce Bawer moved from New York to Norway in the late 1990s. He has written a number of books on similar topics. A good one is While Europe Slept. Being gay, Bawer is understandably concerned about the widespread Mohammedan feeling that homosexuals should be executed.)