Muslim beach bunny

Somewhere beyond absurd.

SCARCELY A DAY passes in which I fail to see a cringe-worthy photograph depicting the abysmal condition of women in the Mohammedan world.

This one, however, contains an extra poignancy.

When I saw the photo, my first reaction was that it must be a beached whale in Zihuatanejo. But it’s not.

It’s a Mohammedan woman or girl. Who can know her age, appearance, anything about her?

The poor creature is trying to enjoy a day at the beach.

The sheeting of women is not in the Koran. It’s a tradition begun later by sand-leaping, scimitar-swinging, bloodletting, towel-headed, camel jockeys who just want to keep their womenfolk to themselves, in their place.

Simple as that. Possessions of the highest order.

It’s no surprise that where actual slavery still exists in today’s world, it’s often in Mohammedan zones.

Mohammedan men’s attitude toward women make the most macho of swaggering, tequila-swilling Mexicans seem tailor-made for banner-wavers in a Gay Pride Parade.

* * * *


And yet in the United States, dimwitted university students and nincompoop faculty stand ready to support Mohammedan cultures while mouthing anti-Semitism that would make Heinrich Himmler puff up with pride.

And 99 percent of them vote for the Democrat Party.

These are the same vacuous people who advocate freedom of choice and claim all cultures are of equal value.

Anyone who truly believes in women’s rights, freedom of choice and equality has to be a cheerleader for Israel, the sole Mideast nation that embraces democracy and religious freedom.

And then there’s the U.S. presidential race with a cackling crook in designer tents facing an arrogant tycoon* with a comb-over who can’t keep his hoof out of his mouth.

I weep for the future.

* * * *

* No matter. I’m still voting for the arrogant tycoon over the cackling crook. Ugly choices must be made. Meanwhile, I continue to mourn for Ted Cruz’s candidacy.

Inanity for the ages

Queen Michelle

THE UNITED STATES wallows in a sinkhole of adolescence and naïveté. And few people illustrate that better than the folks at the top, in the White House, the leaders of the nation. Can you envision Vladimir Putin or even his wife doing what you see above? Laura Bush? Ann Romney? China’s Xi Jinping? Mexico’s Peña Nieto? Not a chance. These are serious people, grownups.

Not even Hillary “What Difference Does It Make?” Clinton would stoop to this nincompoopery.

The White House is run by children who are taller than their mental and emotional peers in 8th Grade.

Sarah Palin, of whom I was not a fan for a long time but now I am, said yesterday that the reaction in the photo is the type of thing you see done by kids in junior high school. And that is correct. Read more here.

* * * *


A HUMP DAY Party, whatever that is, has been cancelled at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota because a live camel the kids were bringing to the fiesta might offend Middle Eastern cultures. This requires no further comment by me, but here it is anyway:

The No. 1 religion of the Middle East — Mohammedanism — is backward, violent and keeps women in subjugation. It loves stoning women to death and cutting off people’s hands or heads. Offending them is the least we can do. It is a good thing. Read more here.

* * * *


THE NAACP chapter in Los Angeles has named Barry’s buddy and race hustler Al Sharpton its “Person of the Year.” The NAACP, decades ago, was an honorable organization that did great work. Those days are long gone. Read more here and weep.