Figs in copper

Figs cooking in copper pot.

MEXICANS ARE famous for being able to do most practical things easily and quickly. My child bride endlessly amazes me with her fast and practical solutions to about any problem, problems that would cause me to toss up my hands and go sprawl out for a nice siesta.

Then “canned” in bottles.

The other night she came home with lots of green figs in a plastic bag. She asked if we had a big aluminum pot. The answer was no. So she went to the living room and emptied a copper pot purchased years ago to hold ocote, a fire-starting wood. It was sitting by the fireplace.

She washed it real good. She sliced each fig a bit, and started the process, which began in the evening and continued on into the following day. She had never done this before. She found the process online.

A few years ago, after perfecting her pastry skills, she decided to bake bread, something that has a reputation of being tricky if you do it from scratch, especially your first time. She did it perfectly.

She wants this fig supply for her muffins. As I write this (last night) they are sitting on the kitchen counter exactly as you see in the second photo. They will be good. Trust me.

Mexicans are handy people.