Cuba, revisited


WE FLEW TO Havana in April of 2012 for our 10th anniversary. On returning, I wrote two long posts here about our experiences on the dismal communist island.

Those two posts remain to this day the most visited due, one imagines, to internet search engines. Comments on those posts are now closed, but they racked up the most feedback ever here on The Moon.

I have married those two posts and sent them on honeymoon to their own website. It is slightly different from the originals, updated and improved, and you can find them at their new home: Cuba: a communist hellhole.

Barry & Bill

TODAY’S TOPIC is two guys who are totally different.

Barry Hussein Obama of the Oval Office and Bill O’Reilly of Fox News. In most areas, I oppose the former and support the latter. But there are exceptions, which is why I am not a textbook conservative.

barryLet’s look first at Cuba. Barry is tearing down the wall between America and Cuba. Yes, Barry blinked first, and that’s a good thing because the shunning of Cuba has gone on far too long.

It can be argued that the Castro regime would have collapsed by now were it not for the U.S. embargo, which endured so long due to the Cuban expats in Florida, a state with lots of heft in the Electoral College.

True, Barry got little from the Castros in return for blinking, but no matter. Someone had to blink. I salute Barry for that. As have almost all the former dictatorships in Latin America, Cuba will liberalize, but in a positive way.

First, the Castro boys have to die, and that won’t be a long time coming.

Barry just did another good thing. He is freeing 46 imprisoned felons, most incarcerated for drug crimes, some for life, because they were nonviolent offenders. Most, I’m assuming, are black, which is why, of course, Barry is taking the action. It’s a race thing for him. Be assured.

The War on Drugs, started in the Nixon Administration, is a total failure, creating far more problems than it solves, and that’s assuming it solves any problems whatsoever, which I doubt. Any 12-year-old who wants drugs can get them easily today on the streets of America.

Outlawing anything that people really want  will invariably create a crime wave and violence. It happened during the Prohibition of the 1920s — the War on Booze, a perfect analogy to the War on Drugs.

You cannot outlaw sex, chocolate, cigarettes, booze or drugs, and only a nation with a Puritanical streak would even attempt it. It is dumb.

Try to restrict it to adults, tax it brutally, whatever, but if you attempt to eliminate it, you will come to utter grief.

billSo hurrah to Barry for liberating some drug dealers, especially those with life sentences. O’Reilly thinks this is a bad idea.

He supports the War on Drugs. He cites reasons that could equally apply to another War on Booze. There is not a single thing you can say against drug addicts that you can not equally state against alcoholics.

Wrecked families, careers, violence, crime, rest equally in the grip of alcoholism as they do in the embrace of drug addiction. Both are grave problems, but most people drink responsibly and — and you may not believe this — many, probably most, people use drugs responsibly.

So Barry has freed some non-violent drug dealers who should not have been imprisoned in the first place, certainly not for life, and he’s cracked the wall between the United States and Communist Cuba, proving he’s not a complete, brain-dead doofus.

And I don’t know how O’Reilly feels about the opening to Cuba.

He is almost certainly against it. An error.

Hope for Cuba

A BRAVE and enterprising young Cuban woman named Yoani Sánchez has long had a blog from that sad nation. It is written in Spanish, and someone translates an English version. It has been her dream to start an online newspaper, and now she has done so.

The online news site debuted Wednesday. There is only a Spanish edition. Moments after the debut, the URL was hijacked by the despotic government and clicks inside Cuba sent readers to a page cursing Sánchez.


Internet access being what it is in the Castro dictatatorship — controlled — I don’t grasp exactly how the blog or the newspaper reaches the outside world, but it does. Perhaps astride an inner-tube raft. Ms. Sánchez mentions in her blog that some staffers on the online newspaper have already been leaned on by government goons.

The news site, called 14ymedio, which means 14 and a half (must signify something, but I know not what), is not all about politics. You get the temp in Havana (warm) and other cities, the price of boned pork in a private (!) market, and tips on hair care. Plus, there are schedules for cultural events and films. No doubt movies by Matt Damon, George Clooney, Michael Moore and Sean Penn are welcomed by the communist regime. Jules & Jim  was screened Wednesday night on Calle 23 in the Vedado neighborhood. Just so you know.


We also read that the dictatorship assures Cubans that, in spite of sending 50,000 doctors to toil in other countries (for propaganda purposes, of course), the much-touted Cuban healthcare system is as good as ever even though citizens increasingly complain about dreadfully long waits in medical facilities.

Whoopsie! Barry, take note.

The Goddess willing, the Castro dictatorship will crumble sooner than later, and may some of its heaviest bricks fall atop the heads of the collectivist running dogs of communism one easily encounters in the outside world where they themselves live free and content, populating university campuses and union halls. These people mostly are verbal and/or physical thugs. A pox on their houses.

And best wishes to Yoani Sánchez!

* * * *

(I visited Havana in 2012 and wrote about it here.)

Cuba love

prisonAdmiration for the Cuban dictatorship thrives in some Collectivist circles.

Meanwhile, an American employee of the U.S. Agency for International Development has been in a Castro prison for four years.

His crime: helping a small Jewish community get internet access on the Communist island. He was sentenced to 15 years for that atrocity.

Collectivists often turn a blind eye to tyranny.

And you don’t want one in the White House.