The patriotic plate

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My chile en nogada at a mountaintop eatery yesterday.

NEXT WEEK WE Mexicans celebrate our independence from the pinche españoles, the Spanish who had dominated us for centuries.

We tossed them out, and things have been much better ever since. Wait, maybe not. Gotta wonder if we might have been better off staying tied to Spain.

Among the questionable characters we’ve had running our show since 1810 have been Santa Anna, Porfirio Diáz and now López Obrador. Spanish royalty would have been preferable.

This dish you see above is served in restaurants around this time of year. It’s called chile en nogada or, as you more often see it written, chiles en nogada, plural. In spite of restaurants almost always writing the plural on menus, you just get one chile, not more. I think this is akin to Mexicans saying there are eight days in a week instead of seven.

We live in a wacky sea of illogicality.

Chile en nogada is a patriotic plate because it sports the colors of Mexico, red, white and green. It’s also sorta sweet and it’s served tepid. I like chile en nogada a lot.  Quite a few people do not, considering it a big, misplaced dessert.

¡Viva México! Or at least as long as I’m around.