Rapping the hijab

ONE OF THE most ignorant things you hear on the left is that one should embrace Mohammedanism.

Everyone who gives the abominable Mohammedan culture a pass is either a supporter of the PC Party (i.e. Democrats) or some nincompoopery even further to the left.

The never-subtle — but usually correct — Paul Joseph Watson states things clearly in this video.

Stuff and such …

m a big fan of Fox News, and proud of it. Not only is it Fair and Balanced (more on that later), but it sends collectivists into paroxysms of rage, and that’s always a hoot to watch.

A cable network that actually is unbalanced, in more ways than one, is MSNBC, home to race-baiter Al Sharpton, smug and dykey Rachel Maddow and others of their ilk.

The nonpartisan Pew Research Center just came out with this: MSNBC is almost pure left-wing propaganda. Pew did not phrase it precisely like that, but that’s what it amounts to.

On the flip side, Pew states that Fox’s coverage is about 55 percent opinion and 45 percent factual reporting. CNN is almost exactly the same as Fox.

Of course, CNN’s opinion is lefty, and Fox’s is righty. We all know that.

It amazes me that people take Al Sharpton seriously. It’s like paying real attention to David Duke or Louis Farrakhan.

* * * *

We have a new Pope. He looks like a nicer guy than that Benedict character (a flinty-eyed German whom my child bride and I always referred to as “the Nazi”) and the Argentines are delirious with joy.

The new Pope — Francis is his name, which is kind of dorky — wants us to treat the downtrodden nicely. It’s good to have a fresh message  from the Vatican.

No matter. I support organized religion. Most of us need it.