Mountaintop birthday

Yesterday was our town’s birthday, 487 years, which is even older than I am. To celebrate, City Hall has an odd habit of chasing all the life from the sidewalks surrounding the main plaza on this day. Sidewalk cafes? Bring in your tables and chairs. Restaurants? Ditto.

It applies mostly to early in the day. By afternoon, the rules are eased (or ignored), but many businesses just stay shut the rest of the day. This is akin to having a party, but putting away the champagne, the cake, and hiding the chairs in the pantry.

Sometimes Mexicans do the nuttiest things.

Around 5 p.m., I drove downtown for my customary café Americano negro and a sit with Señor Kindle at my sister-in-law’s sidewalk establishment. She had reopened by then, but all the nearby hippie vendors were nowhere to be seen. They add lots of pizzazz to our side of the plaza, but not yesterday. Dead zone.

Happy birthday.

I shot this photo while sitting with my coffee. Normally, another sidewalk café is between here and the corner, but it was a vacant space yesterday. The guy under the red umbrella sells pastries.

I eat them at times. They’re good.

African space programs

We now live in a world where so much arrant nonsense is accepted as fact that a man like Simon Webb has seen his value soar. He is refreshing.

Here he addresses the issue of the aftermath of European imperialism and colonialism from Africa to India. Now that so many nincompoops are pushing for “reparations,” Webb casts an educated eye on the situation.

Meanwhile, you may not know that Mexico has a space agency. I am not making this up. Here is a Wikipedia link with more information, but I think our doofus president is more interested in building a controversial tourist train through Maya territory. Mexico did launch its first rocket in 2006. You can watch that here.

It was an unauthorized launch that happened four years before Mexico’s space agency was established. But I am confident that soon we will be selling tacos on the moon.

Click here to learn of another moon mission, a successful one initiated by a man named Billy Bob who is a former Baptist deacon from Waco, Texas. News of this was an Unseen Moon exclusive when it happened many years ago. The mainstream media failed to pick up on it, which is why you never heard of it till today.

People and places


TAKING A WALK around downtown Tuesday with my Canon and my Kindle in my little black, faux leather, man bag, I snapped these two photos.

Above are well-fed señoras sitting on a sidewalk killing time. Below is one of the most photographed scenes in our city, something constructed during Spanish Colonial days.

(Note: A slightly different version of the two women, plus other stunning, black & white, photos can be found, as always, on my photography site, Eyes of the Moon.)